Redeeming Sequels and Prequels

Redeeming Sequels and Prequels November 17, 2018

I’m grateful to IO9 for drawing attention to this video about the Matrix sequels and how, when viewed as adults, you will likely enjoy them more than you did originally.

I love that the video’s maker emphasizes the difference between a younger and an adult perspective, and how now that he watches videos about philosophy for fun, watching a fun action movie woven through with philosophy is likewise enjoyable.

The video is detailed and is worth watching for the connections drawn to The Good Place and Westworld if nothing else. But its concluding point – that opinions need refreshing – is even more important, given its applicability beyond the realm of movie appreciation.

I wonder whether I need to make a case here for the Star Wars prequels? Their problem is not that they are deeply philosophical and most haters watched them for the first time when they weren’t interested in that aspect of them. Rather, their problem is that they are watched by people steeped in a nostalgia for the earlier films who weren’t able to appreciate movies aimed at a younger audience they way they would have if they themselves had been younger. That said, there is a profundity to the Star Wars movies and their vision of ethics and redemption, that is equally present throughout the series and not just in the original trilogy. I’ve blogged about this before, and can do so again if necessary.

Of related interest, the panel on religion and science fiction that I was on has been in the news again, not least because John Scalzi (who was also on the panel) has been getting so much attention. It really was a great experience to be part of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance – the whole panel was recorded and is included at the end of the article!



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