ReligionProf Podcast with Christopher Benek

ReligionProf Podcast with Christopher Benek December 26, 2018

Here is the supersized ReligionProf Podcast that was released as a “Christmas Special” yesterday, featuring Rev. Dr. Christopher Benek, whom many of you will be familiar with as a leading figure in the Christian Transhumanist movement. You can learn more about that movement through the digital magazine Superposition, as well as the website for Benek’s ministry, the CoCreators Network, which has as its slogan “Better People, Better Tech, Better World”:

Our Theology

He also has a channel on Twitch.

Of related interest, Sojourners has an article on Silicon Valley’s “original sin,”  while Akim Reinhart asked about the ultimate fate of humanity. See also:

Playing God? (RJS)

Stephen Garner concluded his series about childhood science fiction with part 10, part 11, and part 12.

A reminder about this call for papers:

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Spotlighting Student Work #17: The Genesis of Gender Violence

CFP: The 2019 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy, June 7-8, 2019

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