Phildickeanism August 18, 2019

From the article in Salon about Dick’s turn to Christianity (famously of not just a vague Gnostic sort, but quite specifically Valentinianism):

These science-fiction devotees had more influence on the cultural explosion of the sixties than is usually acknowledged. Indeed, one of the secret histories of the era is the migration of some very idiosyncratic bohemian writers from the tiny world of science-fiction fanzines into the emerging rock press, where they exerted an outsize influence on the vibrant spunk of the scene. Paul Williams, the most important of these science-fiction rock geeks (and later the executor of Dick’s estate), passed on a copy of Three Stigmata to Timothy Leary, who in turn gave it to John Lennon, who briefly considered turning it into a film.

Read the whole thing here.

Rob Orlando wrote a reflection on Blade Runner on the death of Rutger Hauer who played Roy Batty, the replicant who famously asked his creator for more life.

Tears in Rain: “Blade Runner” as Theo-Drama

Dick is one of several sci-fi authors to get a mention in this call for papers:

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  • John MacDonald

    Examples of concepts and systems are Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Sufism, Satanism, Tantra, practical and traditional witchcraft, demonology, astrology, alchemy, shamanism, magical power and technique, mysticism, psychic ability, and paranormal phenomena

    I’m fascinated by Freemasonry. I wish I was a Freemason.

  • While there are inevitably differences between what Phillip K. Dick espoused and ancient Valentinianism, he really did embrace that specific ancient viewpoint quite specifically in a way that I’m not sure that anyone else has recently. Certainly he stands out among science fiction authors in that regard, even among those with a fondness for Gnosticism!