What Jesus Learned from Women: An Upcoming Conversation

What Jesus Learned from Women: An Upcoming Conversation April 19, 2021

Mark your calendars! On May 23rd my church will be hosting an online discussion of my book What Jesus Learned from Women. The online event will feature panelists from my church and the regional branch of the American Baptist Churches USA, of which my own church, Crooked Creek Baptist Church, is a part. My church is hosting the event not only because the book is written by a member, but also because my Sunday school class played an important role in helping provide feedback on my ideas at various stages in the writing process.

This is an event featuring American Baptists but (in case that isn’t already clear) it is not in any sense just for American Baptists. Please join us to hear about how the book looks from the perspective of this historic denomination which ordains women (having done so since the 19th century!) and recognizes them as leaders in the church in every respect, and share your own thoughts and questions as well in the question and answer time that is part of the event.

You can register for the event via Eventbrite here. Please register, put the event in your calendar, and plan to attend. Please also help spread the word! Feel free to borrow the above image and to share it on social media together with the link to the event page.

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