What Jesus Learned from Women: More Reviews

What Jesus Learned from Women: More Reviews May 12, 2021

There is an incredibly detailed, thoughtful, and reflective review by Bob Cornwall on his blog. He writes:

If we wish to fully understand who Jesus was and is, we need resources like this to flesh out the nature of Jesus’ person. McGrath’s What Jesus Learned from Women also helps us recognize the role of women in the biblical story, suggesting that Jesus took seriously the teachings and the examples of the women in his life. Now, McGrath’s proposals will challenge and stretch our Christological thinking, but that’s a good thing because it will help us recognize the nature of Jesus’ humanity. He was, in fact, a learner. If Jesus was a learner, drawing new knowledge from his encounters with these women, then these women take on a larger role in the story. The stories themselves might often be truncated and stiff, but if we’re willing to pay attention to the clues and use our imagination, we might learn something valuable about these women. What McGrath does here is give us as full a picture as I’ve seen presented. So, get a copy of What Jesus Learned from Women and read it cover to cover. You won’t regret it.

There’s also a review on the UK Amazon site (if you’ve read the book, please do leave a review!):

There are many obvious examples of Jesus speaking with women, but put them all into context and a theme emerges – across Gospel traditions – suggesting that women played a very important role in Jesus learning and thus his ministry. Prof. James F. McGrath needs to be praised for a great book that will spur many conversations and theological debates. I hope it will help bring light and clarity to an issue that has too often been demoted and devalued.
If you are interested in the New Testament and take it seriously, this book will open windows into the text that will help you appreciate it in a new way.
– Craig Bach


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I really want to get one of these from Traci Rhoades:

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