Recent Reviews of What Jesus Learned from Women

Recent Reviews of What Jesus Learned from Women October 27, 2021

Here are a couple more reviews of What Jesus Learned from Women that have been posted by readers. If you never visit the UK Amazon site you’ll miss this one from Craig Bach:

There are many obvious examples of Jesus speaking with women, but put them all into context and a theme emerges – across Gospel traditions – suggesting that women played a very important role in Jesus learning and thus his ministry. Prof. James F. McGrath needs to be praised for a great book that will spur many conversations and theological debates. I hope it will help bring light and clarity to an issue that has too often been demoted and devalued.

If you are interested in the New Testament and take it seriously, this book will open windows into the text that will help you appreciate it in a new way.

And here’s one from “Ted” posted to the US site in August, which I don’t think I had seen until now, nor mentioned here:

James F. McGrath boldly considers the influence of great women on the life and ministry of Jesus. What Jesus Learned from Women compels the Bible reader to imagine the beatitudes as an echo of Mary’s Magnificat and much more. McGrath offers plenty of engaging material for the serious Bible scholar while also offering an accessible read for the casual reader. McGrath adds to the conversation about the gifts women have to offer the church and all of society. If one dares to reimagine the life and ministry of Jesus through the lenses of the women he knew, this book is for you. It is a must read for the contemporary church.
If it isn’t too much trouble and you have yet to do so, please do share a review and a rating on and/or another website. Those reviews and ratings really do make a huge difference for authors, as they influence would-be buyers and readers. Thank you in advance for your time and support for what I do!
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