A Glimpse Into My Journey

A Glimpse Into My Journey June 1, 2015

Hey friends!


A few weeks ago an amazing journalist from Medill (Northwestern University) reached out to me, seeking to do a short documentary video about my life and journey in regards to my sexuality and my spirituality. I have done interviews and documentary films before, but was particularly reluctant to agree to this project because it would delve into how I personally identity (which is as “queer”) which is a topic that I have not explored openly so as to avoid being labeled and boxed in to a category. Yet something about this project, this film maker, and this timing felt right. So I agreed to participate in the documentary.

Within a few days, Mary Lee, the filmmaker, arrived at my house at 8 a.m to spend an entire day with me, filming me as I went to work, had meetings, ate lunch, prayed, and every other mundane detail of my day. Then we sat down and I was asked to tell my story. After spending nearly 10 hours with Mary, we had delved deep into my past, my present, and my dreams for the future. We discussed my deepest struggles and some of the highlights of my life so far.

As Mary left, I felt deeply satisfied with how she engaged my life and my story with such care, such detail, and such grace. But I also knew that Mary said she wanted to make a 3 minuet documentary and I had no clue how she could possibly edit through all of my rambling to create a coherent, compelling, short film.

Yet somehow she did.

Mary has reduced down multiple hours of footage and over an hour of interview audio into this beautiful short documentary called “Nomad” which beautifully captures my journey thus far. I am so pleased with this final product and I am excited to share it here with you. I hope you’ll take a few moments to come walk along my path with me.


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