Donald Trump: Patriarchy and Penetration (Video)

Donald Trump: Patriarchy and Penetration (Video) July 15, 2016

Donald Trump’s new campaign logo, featuring his Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence has been raising eyebrows across the Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.17.01 PMinternet all day. The logo, seen below, features a “T” , for Trump, seemingly penetrating a “P”, for Pence. Almost immediately people recognized that this symbolism, whether purposeful or accidental, represented a very real behavioral trend demonstrated by Donald Trump, a trend of being the dominate, forceful, dictator to those who work for him or around him. As soon as I saw the logo, I thought of something a little different. I am working on a book that talks about the oppressive power of Patriarchy from the ancient world through the modern day, and one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve come across is how penetration is the cornerstone of the patriarchal mindset.

When I saw Donald’s “T” piercing the “P”, I immediately saw a symbol of a candidates patriarchal agenda that oppresses women, sexual and gender minorities, and ethnic minorities, as patriarchy has done for thousands of years. I know that sounds quite provocative and probably a little strange, but I am convinced that even at a subconscious level, this is what is being demonstrated by this logo. And even if it’s not, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s platform is steeped in patriarichal oppression of minorities. So I took to Facebook Live earlier today to explain these thoughts and I wanted to share them with all of you here on Patheos. I hope this little reflection causes you to consider the direction our nation is heading in should we elect a leader like Donald Trump (or anyone else who embodies the values of the patriarchy). More than anything, I hope this sparks questions and conversation! Feel free to leave your comments below!

For your reference, this is the Trump/Pence logo:


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