Here I Stand- Conclusion

Here I Stand- Conclusion August 8, 2017

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This is the final post in a series of blog posts outlining principles of inner-reformation taken from the life of St. Francis and Martin Luther. This series was prepared as a series of talks for the Order of Lutheran Franciscans 2017 Retreat. 

Conclusion: A New Reformation Era

As we approach the edge of a new era of spirituality and a new reformation of spirit, it is important that we as spiritual seekers and leaders find rhythms in which we can live our lives and ground our consciousness. In this era, self-help gurus and off-the-top-of-our-head spiritualities no longer will suffice, but only spirituality that is rooted in the ancient wisdom and the ongoing tug of the Spirit to new, uncharted territories will be sufficient to quench the thirst of the emerging generations.

In this new era of reformation, I believe it is good to roots ourselves in the tradition of St. Francis and Martin Luther, and to lean in to the ways that our Christian faith needs more reformation, more renewal, and more reconstruction than ever before. It is this strain forward, while holding on to the wisdom of the past, that will lead us in to an abundant rhythm of life and a healthier future for the world.

I also want to acknowledge that none of these principles I’ve shared tonight are revolutionary or profound- they’re not meant to be. Spirituality isn’t a way of life, it is life itself. We’re all living a Rule of Life, the question is whether or not we are aware of it and intentional about it. Life isn’t meant to be strenuous, but simple. We’re not looking for an extraordinary spiritual awakening, but rather the waking up of spirit that takes place in our ordinary, day to day life. It is not the dramatic, ecstatic, and extreme that actually leads to lasting and sustainable transformation, but the rhythmic, constant, simple, disciplined practices that ground us and center us.

I believe, truly, that the Spirit is calling us all to be agents of reformation in this new era. But any outer reformation that may come must first begin as inner reformation. Luther and Francis both lived life, constantly seeking first to be transformed and then taking that transformation to the world. That is the path we must too follow in.

May we be open to the reformation of Spirit that you are calling us for, Holy Spirit.

May we heed your call, carry forth the flame of your refining fire,

And be transformed for the glory and redemption of the world.

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