May 19, 2014

Three short years ago I started a radio show with my two best friends at my college called The Bridge with the mission of bridging the divides between evangelicalism and those of other denominational perspectives. After about five months my college canceled the radio show because we had begun to dialogue with folks that were too far beyond its theological comfort level. (to be fair to them, we DID have Tony Jones on the show…) Soon after it’s cancellation, we… Read more

May 2, 2014

I am an Evangelical.But what does that label even mean anymore?A few days ago I was sitting around chatting with a few new friends at my Bible college. One of them was a young Canadian and another was a middle-aged former U.S. soldier. In our long conversations, we ended up on the topic of politics and how many companies and businesses in the United States give millions of dollars to political and social causes and somehow we ended up talking… Read more

June 6, 2013

A few months back I counted it a privilege to have the up and coming Evangelical scholar, Owen Stachan offer a guest post on The Revangelical Blog about his new book Risky Gospel. Here at Revangelical, I have always tried to maintain a balance between discovering and promoting progressive ideas and honoring some of the more traditional Evangelical ideas. So after reading Owens post, I felt that it was good to have his position represented on Revangelical, while also feeling myself… Read more

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