What Shall I Wear When Meeting a Guru?

What Shall I Wear When Meeting a Guru? May 15, 2015

Recently, I was invited to share an intimate one-on-one meeting with a prominent Indian guru. Not something that happens every day. It required flying from Denver to the East Coast, lodging in a hotel and renting a car, all on my dime….but how could I say no!? With little hesitation, I confirmed a date and made all travel arrangements. I considered the invitation a great honor and trusted that the higher purpose of the meeting would become clear and be enriching for us both.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

The day before my flight, I placed a small suitcase on the bed and began to pack all needed clothing and toiletries for this brief sojourn. Usually, I have absolutely no problem deciding what clothing to wear for the variety of activities in my life. My mother taught me well! But in this case, I was completely stumped, at a loss while thinking, “What shall I wear when meeting a guru?” I’m sure this obscure form of etiquette was never discussed by Dear Abby!  I smiled as this unique conundrum stood before me. After reviewing an assortment of options, a profound insight gleaned within my cerebral cortex, “This Indian spiritual teacher will likely be placing zero attention on what I’m wearing.” The question then shifted to, “What clothing do I feel best represents me at this time?” “What look and feel will be the most in alignment with who I am and what I wish to project?” It then became easy to choose casually dressy attire, mixed with a hint of playfulness.

Throughout my travels and during my rich and intimate meeting with this spiritual master, I felt open, clear and fully authentic. My outer garments were simply a creative reflection of the values, qualities and presence I wished to convey and express. My outer appearance was in perfect alignment with my inner self.

In your daily life, whenever you make a clothing choice, you have the opportunity to be intentional and give creative thought to each day’s activities and how you wish to show up. You might ask yourself, “Does this outfit vibrantly express the qualities and values I wish to convey today?” If you get a resounding Yes, go for it! If not, rethink your choices and feel into the greatest and most authentic expression of You!

Tap into your inner guru and you will never go wrong!!

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