A Critique of #MLK’s Theory of Non-Violence

A Critique of #MLK’s Theory of Non-Violence April 11, 2018

University of Memphis Communication grad student and activist Earle J. Fisher gave a lecture on April 10, 2018, titled, “King, Cone, and Cleage: Critiques of the Shortcomings of #MLK’s Nonviolent Theology by His Contemporaries” at Memphis Theological Seminary in room F-201. He was the guest of R3 founder and managing editor, Dr. Andre E. Johnson’s class on Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. Earle J. Fisher is a native of Benton Harbor, Michigan. This preacher, professor, writer, and social activist graduated from Benton Harbor High School in 1996, earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in 1999 from Lake Michigan College, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science in 2003 from LeMoyne-Owen College and a Masters of Divinity Degree in May 2008 from Memphis Theological Seminary. Rev. Fisher is a dually ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Missionary Baptist Church denominations as well as a full-time Ph.D. student of Rhetoric and Communications at the University of Memphis. Professor Fisher serves as Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies and Humanities at several local colleges and universities. Pastor Earle is also the Senior Pastor of Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. Most of his research focuses on the intersections of rhetoric, race, and religion with an emphasis on prophet rhetoric and political/public address.

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