Are There Two Trumps or What? Further Thoughts about Trump’s Christian Status

Are There Two Trumps or What? Further Thoughts about Trump’s Christian Status April 18, 2019

Are There Two Trumps or What? Further Thoughts about Trump’s Christian Status

Recently I suggested that, in my own opinion as a Christian theologian, Trump cannot be a Christian if it is true, as he is quoted by reliable sources as saying, that he has never needed to repent and has never repented.

One reader and frequent commenter responded with a citation of another quote from Trump where he allegedly said, in effect, that he has repented. I have not been able to verify that independently using internet search engines.

So, are there two Trumps? That wouldn’t be surprising if by “two Trumps” we mean that, like most politicians, he sometimes talks out of both sides of his mouth—depending on the context.

I choose to believe his 2015 and 2016 statements in interviews that he has not needed to repent and “doesn’t bring God into it” when he makes a mistake and needs to do better. (You can “Google” for those interviews and quotations. I’m not going to provide links or specific references or quotes here because a simply internet search reveals what I am talking about. Decide for yourselves.) So far as I know, he has not publicly expressed repentance in any convincing way before, during or since the 2016 election. I will keep my “eyes and ears” (and mind) open for that. Anyone can become a Christian, but repentance is necessary.

*Sidebar: The opinions expressed here are my own (or those of the guest writer); I do not speak for any other person, group or organization; nor do I imply that the opinions expressed here reflect those of any other person, group or organization unless I say so specifically. Before commenting read the entire post and the “Note to commenters” at its end.*

When I say that, in my opinion, someone is not a Christian I am not saying anything about their salvation or even about my opinion about their salvation; I leave the “salvation status” of everyone up to God alone. However, given the extreme pluralism of people and groups claiming the status of “Christian” it becomes necessary sometimes to form an opinion about the truth of those claims and even express it.

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