Are UFOs Real? Back to the Claim of “Scientific Dogmas”

Are UFOs Real? Back to the Claim of “Scientific Dogmas” February 10, 2023

Are UFOs Real? Back to the Claim of “Scientific Dogmas”

A few weeks ago here I suggested that my readers watch two Youtube videos. One was an episode of “Science Friday” in which a well-known physicist stated unequivocally that he is a “materialist” and that only atoms and molecules exist. What I found shocking was not so much that he said that but that Ira Flatow didn’t challenge it.

The second video was by biologist Rupert Sheldrake about “dogmas of science.” Here and elsewhere people objected most strenuously to what they THOUGHT I was suggesting.

Let me be absolutely clear: I do believe there are “dogmas of science.” I do not claim that ALL scientists believe in those dogmas. What I do believe, and have experienced, is that EVERY discipline of study and professional research and practice has SOME underlying assumptions that are not generally allowed to be challenged. Thomas Kuhn demonstrated this phenomenon in his groundbreaking book of philosophical science “The Nature of Scientific Revolutions.”

So here is a specific example. Watch the following Youtube video “Physicist Michio Kaku on the shift in the UFO phenomenon.” Now, set aside, bracket out, whatever you think of Joe Rogan. That’s irrelevant. What’s relevant here is what one of the world’s leading scientists says at about 14:53. (But I urge you to watch the entire video for context.)

What is relevant is what one of the world’s leading physicists says. When Rogan asks him what he used to believe about UFOs he refers to the “giggle factor” among scientists and how belief in UFOs was “the ‘third rail’ in your scientific reputation.” I assume you know what “giggle factor” and “third rail” refer to. Kaku goes on to suggest that there may be laws of nature we do not yet know and even that they might contradict our current laws of nature.

I believe Kaku’s remarks support Sheldrake’s claim that the modern, Western, scientific community does generally have dogmas. Or at least it did. Why think no longer?

Irrelevant issues not open for comment or discussion here: Whether Kaku believes in UFOs, whether I believe in UFOs, whether you believe in UFOs, what Kaku may or may not think of Sheldrake, etc.

The only point worth discussing here is THAT Kaku says something in this interview that MIGHT support Sheldrake’s and my claim that modern, Western science (as an academic community) operates on the basis of certain “dogmas” (or unquestionable presuppositions) and TENDS to punish scientists who dare to question them. I believe Kaku DOES say something in this interview that supports Sheldrake’s general claim.

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