Ask Professor Olson about Theology

Ask Professor Olson about Theology March 3, 2023

Ask Professor Olson about Theology

One of my favorite channels on Youtube is one where people write in questions for “Pastor John [Piper]” I decided to invite you, anyone, to ask me a question about Christian theology. Please keep it brief and specific and know that I may or may not be able to answer. I’m sure “Pastor Piper” doesn’t answer every questions submitted. I’ll select ones that I am especially interested in answering.

As always, I will not post comments or questions here that are hostile or argumentative or that contain pictures or links.

If you doubt my competence to answer questions about Christian theology (broadly defined), please read my Wikipedia page which is mostly correct. (I didn’t write it and don’t know who did.)

I look forward to your questions! Question away!

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