What Does “Destroy Leftism in this Country” Mean?

What Does “Destroy Leftism in this Country” Mean? May 31, 2023

What Does “Destroy Leftism in this Country” Mean?

According to news reports, Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, has said publicly that, if elected, he would “destroy leftism” in America. I have no personal opinion about Ron DeSantis either as a person or as a politician. However, assuming news reports are correct, such a statement sounds to me like dangerous demagoguery.

What I want to know, but typically the media doesn’t say, is what he meant by “destroy” and what he meant by “leftism.”

Anyone who has studied 20th century geo-politics has to shiver at least a little bit at such a sound bite. It is undeniably reminiscent of fascist rhetoric during the 1920s through the 1950s.

I know good people on both sides of the Ron DeSantis divide. He is without doubt a “polarizing figure.” Some hate him and some love or at least admire him. I’m on neither side.

But this declaration frightens me. HOW, exactly, would he “destroy” leftism and WHAT does he mean by “leftism?” Such a declaration begs explanation as it is flaming rhetoric that could be misinterpreted, if it is not meant this way, as inviting violence against perceived leftists. I personally know people who talk that way, who more than imply that they would gladly join a civil war in America to destroy…what? When I read and listen to them the “what” appears to be anyone with socialist views.

Let’s be honest and blunt. Nobody can “destroy” “leftism” (or anything else) without using force against people.

Hopefully DeSantis was misquoted, his declaration taken out of context, although I cannot think how that would be. Hopefully he will back away from that declaration. Hopefully he does not mean use of force. But almost certainly some followers of the far right in America will interpret his declaration as permission to use force.

I do not consider myself a “leftist,” but I do have opinions and views that people like DeSantis or at least people who like him and would vote for him would consider that. In my humble opinion, rhetoric such as “destroy leftism in this country” is inflammatory and at least points in the direction of force.

I call on all DeSantis admirers and fans to call on him to explain his declaration more fully, with specifics, especially “destroy” and “leftism.” How he would destroy leftism, whatever he means by that. You can’t destroy an ideology without using force such as Hitler used against the leftists (not only communists) of his time and place.

In my opinion, DeSantis, with this declaration and promise, has thrown fuel on the already smoldering fires of a potential American civil war. And, in my opinion, he’s smart enough to know that. But I could be wrong.

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