What I Think About the War in Ukraine

What I Think About the War in Ukraine July 28, 2023

What I Think About the War in Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

No pun is intended when I say I know I am stepping into a mine field here. But, here goes anyway.

I think Ukraine’s defense of itself as a sovereign nation is a just war. And I hope it/they win over Russia.

However, I am not confident that our (the USA’s) involvement with Ukraine is based on pure motives. I support sending Ukraine necessary defensive military equipment, but I am absolutely opposed to the use of “cluster bombs” anywhere, anytime (just as I am opposed to the use of nuclear weapons and deadly gasses).

I have been told by informed sources that our (the USA’s) main interest in Ukraine has to do with certain precious metals that are most inexpensively imported from Ukraine and that Russia would probably keep for their own use should they win the war and occupy Ukraine.

I am worried because we did not strongly oppose Russia’s invasions of Georgia or Crimea. Why Ukraine? And why are we not helping countries in Central America fight off the gangs and guerillas that are killing and kidnapping thousands of civilians? Why are we not helping African countries that are attempting to fight off invaders, whether other countries or rogue militias? Why are we always so interested in Europe but much, much less interested in Africa and Central America? We are we always so interested in the Middle East? Israel’s government just abolished its Supreme Court. That is clearly a move against democracy. Why our silence about that?

I just suspect that America’s motives in aiding Ukraine are more than “mixed.” I can accept mixed motives as all wars have them on all sides. What I don’t understand is why we are so invested in aiding Ukraine but not other countries.

I also worry much about a possible WW3 emerging from the conflict in Ukraine. I would like to see the whole “free world” speak out more in solidarity with Ukraine where, instead, many of our “allies” are being wimpish about Russia. I do believe, pragmatically speaking, in “spheres of influence.” I think we should be aggressively helping the governments of Central American countries subdue the militias inside their countries that are creating fear and death and causing many civilians to flee for safety to America. They should be able to feel safe in their own countries. We could do much more to bring that about—for them (not for us). I think European countries should bear the heaviest burden of supporting Ukraine against Russia. Ukraine is in their sphere of influence.

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