Announcing My New Book: Unsafe Sects

Announcing My New Book: Unsafe Sects August 23, 2023

Announcing My New Book: Unsafe Sects

Publisher Wipf & Stock (Cascade imprint) has just let me know that pre-ordering is now open for my latest book titled Unsafe Sects: Understanding Religious Cults. Here is the link to pre-order it:

Book Details

How does my book differ from the run-of-the-mill books about cults?

Well, for one thing, I argue that many orthodox churches have cultic features, even if they are not outright cults, because they 1) have authoritarian leaders, 2) practice spiritual abuse, 3) are spiritually elitist, and/or 4) have unethical, abusive and/or corrupt leaders.

I have had many “brushes” (and more) with cultic Christian churches that nobody would think of that way. But my deep and intense study of cults leads me to broaden the category outside its usual boundaries to include even evangelical churches and religious institutions that include one or more of those four features. I give examples from my own experience. I could give many.

The book includes more than that, however, including, for example, discussion of different approaches to studying cults and new/alternative religions, problems with the word “cult,” and examples of cults. It also includes a theological discussion of the “sin” that lurks within many, if not most, unbiblical, unorthodox sects.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in cults and new/alternative religions almost every year twenty plus years and have written scholarly articles and book chapters about specific cults and new/alternative religions. I have done intensive research on several little-known religious sects and cults.

Please consider buying the book and recommending its use in classes about cults and new/alternative religions including orthodox Christian churches and institutions that have one or more of the cultic “features” mentioned above.

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