Our Next Book Discussion: The Upside Down Kingdom

Our Next Book Discussion: The Upside Down Kingdom September 9, 2023

Our Next Book Discussion: The Upside Down Kingdom

It will begin this coming Monday, September 11. I will comment on Chapter One and invite those of you who read it to participate with comments. Those who do not read with us may ask questions only.

I am very much looking forward to this book discussion as I judge that the author, Donald Kraybill, has swept away philosophical ethics from Christian ethics and gotten back to Jesus with more than just “WWJD?”

I’m sure he would say that philosophy can help fill in some gaps, but it ought not to over ride a radical New Testament ethic centered around the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus’s other teachings.

I consider Kraybill a modern day Christian prophet. That is not to say I agree with him one hundred percent. But I will say where I disagree and why as we come to those areas of the book.

Please read Chapter One if you haven’t already.

*Note: If you choose to comment, make sure your comment is relatively brief (no more than 100 words), on topic, addressed to me, civil and respectful (not hostile or argumentative), and devoid of pictures or links.*

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