An Even Stranger Thing…

An Even Stranger Thing… December 1, 2023

An Even Stranger Thing…

The Youtube documentary shocked me and shook me to the core of my being. Why have I never head of this before? To see and hear what I heard and saw go to this Youtube video: “The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement.” Have I been living under a rock or have I had my head in this sand? Before watching this video I had no idea such people or their ideas existed.

But I have a suggestion about them (the people): Next time there’s a mass shooting, especially (but not exclusively) of children, make them clean up the scene before the bodies are removed. Simple solution.

Okay, I can hear the objections. Would violate the Constitution. Maybe. But let a judge or jury decide.

To fill out my solution a bit more: Quickly get victim’s families’ permissions and then video record the event—of “volunteers” cleaning up the scene with the bodies of the slain still there. But hide (blur) their faces.

Then, of course, video record the shooter (dead or alive after being killed or caught) and publicly reveal his/her identity and reasons (if any) for the mass shooting so nobody can say he/she was a government agent. Reveal everything about the person including that he/she never had any connection with any government agency or agent.

I believe the response to this movement has not yet been sufficient to put it down (through information that disproves their claims). I believe it is urgent that it be done. Their claims are being taken seriously by many people and it seems easy to disprove them, but it would take showing graphic visual proof that many people would find objectionable. But so what? That has been done with regard to Holocaust deniers many times. That is, innocent victims’ bodies have been shown in numerous documentaries. Deniers were made to “tour” the extermination camps while the bodies were still there. Many local people who said they knew nothing were made to dig graves for some of the victims and bury them.

Why should their claims be taken so seriously? Because they are causing extreme emotional anguish to victims’ families and because their claims are being believed so widely and because their claims are harming the cause of stopping the mass killings (always shootings) of innocent people including children by means of restricting gun ownership, especially of people who for whatever reasons should not own weapons of mass destruction (such as automatic guns).

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