Questions for Theology Nerds

Questions for Theology Nerds February 20, 2024

Questions for Theology Nerds

Who is a “theology nerd?” Well, I’m one. We theology nerds love theology. We eat, sleep and breath theology. Why? Well, each of us has a different reason. Mine is probably my family and the church I grew up in. They had no theology. They had doctrines, but no theology. Theology is the study of doctrines. From an early age I asked questions such as “Why do we believe that?” Such questions were not very welcome, especially if I didn’t accept the first, often very simplistic, answer.

Here are some questions for theology nerds. If you choose to respond, be sure to explain yourself. Don’t just post a cliche or one-sentence answer. Why that answer? But be brief. Choose one; don’t try to answer more than one.

First, can God change the past?

Second, is it useful to pray for someone to be saved?

Third, does it make sense to thank God for being good (as opposed to praising him for his goodness)?

Fourth, is the doctrine of the Trinity reasonable?

Fifth, can prayer change God?

Obviously, these are questions that arise for biblical-Christian theists especially.

If you’re not a biblical-Christian theist, you can try to answer one question, but know that if your answer is not based on biblical-Christian theist sources and reasons, it won’t get much attention from me here. This blog is for evangelical thinkers, evangelical in the broad sense (spiritual-theological, not political).

*If you choose to comment, make sure your comment is relatively brief (less than 100 words), on topic, addressed to me, civil and respectful (not hostile or argumentative), and devoid of pictures or links.*

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