I Ask Again: What Would It Take?

I Ask Again: What Would It Take? June 1, 2024

I Ask Again: What Would It Take?

A historical event: an American former president has been convicted by a jury of felonies. Thirty-four of them. And the result is millions poured in to his campaign coffers.

What would it take for Trump’s die-hard supporters to give up their support? Is there anything that would accomplish that in them? It seems not.

So I ask myself Why? Why do so many Americans support Trump seemingly unconditionally? He’s an adulterer, a liar, a convicted felony. And an admitted would-be dictator (even if only for one day). He’s a bully.

And there is, I think, the reason. He’s the only politician who can win elections by being a bully.

But why is that the key to numerous Republicans’ and some independents’ committed support?

I know some of them and have listened to them. Here’s my conclusion.

They are convinced that America has fallen into an abyss out of which only a bully can rescue it. What abyss? Abortion on demand, gay marriage, failure to confront dangerous dictators abroad, economic chaos, creeping socialism, big businesses that exploit workers, cultural degradation.

I admit that I think left-leaning Americans failed to foresee the reaction to social, economic, cultural “progress.” They wrote off a very large portion of Americans as “deplorables” and charged ahead without consulting or even listening to their spokespersons.

Still, and nevertheless, Trump is more dangerous than any left-wing agenda—within the mainstream of American political life.

I’m appalled at people who are saying the recent trial that ended in a jury convicting Trump of thirty-four felonies was “rigged.” Folks! It was a jury of ordinary fellow Americans who found him guilty. No one forced them to. Let’s refuse to be distracted by the claims of a “rigged trial” and focus on the fact that a jury of Trump’s peers convicted him. They could have declined to convict him.

Now we face the possible prospect of a convicted felon in the White House. But even that isn’t the worst part. He’s not only a convicted felon, he’s a bully. And I don’t mean “like Theodore Roosevelt.” I mean LIKE Benito Mussolini.

You can rage all you want to against my opinion, but it will not change.

I am profoundly afraid for America IF it again elects Trump to the presidency. Not because of his declared policies or plans, although I don’t agree with many of them, but because of his leadership style and character. And, yes, character does matter in heads of state.

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