Us for Them: Chapter Two: Cats Must Also Fail

Us for Them: Chapter Two: Cats Must Also Fail June 10, 2024

Us for Them: Chapter Two: Cats Must Also Fail

Disagree if you wish, but I enjoy Austin Fischer’s way with words. I’ll never forget his turn of phrase in Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed about God’s love not being a “glory machine.” (That was a slam at Calvinism.)

I found a similar phrase, actually a sentence, in this chapter of Us for Them: “If your faith needs enemies, you need a better faith.” (31)

This whole chapter sparkles with delightful, if challenging, stories and sentences. Here’s another sentence: “Most of us don’t know how to be us without them.” “Them” refers to the objectified and hated other, the ideologically other that we feel allowed to hate.

I can’t think of anything with which to disagree in this chapter. But I will say something Austin doesn’t say. Over the past twenty years or so I have heard many Republicans say that you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat. But I have never heard a Democrat say you can’t be a Christian and a Republican. I’m sure some Democrats think that, but not as many as Republicans who think the other (about Democrats).

Yes, I know, there are some left-leaning Christians who are intolerant of right-leaning Christians, but most of their ire seems to be aimed at the far-right, whereas I have known many right-leaning Christians who demonize all left-leaning Christians as unAmerican and therefore unChristian.

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