What If There Is Extra-terrestrial Intelligence?

What If There Is Extra-terrestrial Intelligence? June 21, 2024

What If There Is Extra-terrestrial Intelligence?

I set aside God, here, of course. God is an extra-terrestrial intelligence and so are angels. I’m talking here about UFOs and creatures from “outer space.” Might such exist and might they be visiting earth? And if so, what might that mean for Christian theology?

Recently I’ve watched several lengthy interviews conducted by Australian journalist Ross Coulthart who is especially interested in the issue of possible extra-terrestrial intelligences and their possible visits to our planet. Some of his interviews are very interesting and with very knowledgeable people of high reputation. His interviewees are convinced that there are extra-terrestrial intelligences visiting our planet. You can watch these interviews on Youtube.

Still, I’m not convinced. I won’t be convinced until I see believable pictures or videos of UFOs/UAPs. Everyone now has a cell phone with an installed camera. Where are the pictures that can’t be brushed aside as of something else (or created using photoshop or AI)? I await better evidence.

However, the people Coulthart interviews are half convincing. These interviews and other reports do make me wonder. I’ve wondered about this and other “unsolved mysteries” since I was a kid.

What would it mean for Christian theology IF proof of extra-terrestrial intelligence (other than God and angels) emerged?

First of all, some Christian thinkers like C. S. Lewis have speculated about the possibility. He even wrote a book about a planet populated by unfallen, sinless creatures (not angels). The book was, if I’m not mistaken, Perelandra. (I taught an undergraduate course about C. S. Lewis at Rice University years ago but my memory may have failed me about which of the Space Trilogy books is about the planet in question.)

Second, Billy Graham was asked about UFOs and extra-terrestrial life outside our solar system and he said he was open to the possibility and didn’t see why it would challenge anything of Christian theology.

Third, I think such emerging proof would challenge traditional Christian theology but not necessarily undermine it or require a whole paradigm shift.

The big question, as I see it, is whether Jesus would have visited that planet (or whatever home harbors the extra-human, extra-terrestrial intelligences). We would have to wait to know until there was intelligible communication between earth beings, humans here, and the so-called “aliens.”

But it seems to me that Christian theology is all about God’s relationship with this planet and its people. The arrival of non-earthlings would not change that.

Still, and nevertheless, theology ought to take in all truth and do something with it. It should not bracket out any truth and irrelevant to itself.

Yet, right now, it’s all speculation which is why very few theologians are writing about it. (“It” being the possible existence of extra-terrestrial intelligences and their possible or potential arrival here.)

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