January 10, 2019

Liberals and Conservatives employ a “religious test” when it suits their purposes, inflaming their base supporters by half-truths and constitutional incomprehension. LifeNews, which bills itself as “The Pro-Life News Source,” in a piece by Micaiah Bilger took a swing at the newly sworn-in senator from Arizona, Krysten Sinema. She wasn’t holding a Bible, but a law book, for her ceremonial hand-on-book photograph with the president of the Senate. Earlier, she and the other newly-elected and re-elected senators took the official oath together, gathered… Read more

January 7, 2019

Partisanship at its best serves the best of political purposes. Election finagling is really very rare in the United States. President Trump’s various claims of millions of illegal votes stolen, illegally cast, added, or re-apportioned in 2016 are simply silly. Sore losers I’ve heard of, but a sore winner? There are occasions, though, where exceptions are said to happen. The Chicago myth that 100,000 or so added Cook County votes in 1960 elected John Kennedy to the presidency (which on… Read more

January 4, 2019

A Facebook memory showed up this morning. Some days that’s pleasant. Other days, it is an abrasion on the mind. It was eight years ago today my mother’s hip shattered and dropped her to the floor. She was 87. I had taken notice of it on my FB feed and requested prayer. Facebook remembered. Thirty days later, on the day she turned 88, she was in a nursing home. I signed required documents acknowledging that physical therapy was suspended. For… Read more

January 1, 2019

 My blog title is entirely whimsical but not without a playful seriousness. Which I guess is what whimsical means. Anyway I am a former Lutheran pastor. I was ordained in 1980 at age 33 and I served in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a parish pastor for thirty years; and four years in the North American Lutheran Church as a district dean (think auxiliary bishop), having left the ELCA. In 2014 I resigned from the North American Lutheran… Read more

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