Sacred Wisdom Stones

Sacred Wisdom Stones October 1, 2012

Sacred wisdom takes many forms.  There is the ancient sacred wisdom of the early mystics such as; Hildegard of Bingen, the Beguines, St. John of the Cross, and the Desert Fathers and Mothers.  Poetry also yields sacred wisdom and poets like; Rumi, Rilke, LaLa, Mary Oliver, Adrienne Rich, and Jane Kenyon inspire our spirits.  Sacred texts including the Bible and other books of holy wisdom from many traditions provide fuel for our souls and guidance for our lives.

These sources of sacred wisdom nourish seekers in countless ways.  But have you ever considered who the sacred wisdom-keepers in your personal life might be.  Who are the teachers, friends, acquaintances, family members, and others throughout the years who have blessed you with guidance and spiritual sustenance?  Are there people you’ve never met who are either living or deceased that you find inspiring? Historical figures, artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, even fictional characters from your favorite books all of these sources hold the potential as sacred inspirational wisdom-keepers.  Perhaps certain animals, particular seasons of the year, or colors or symbols inspire you.  Who are the muses and mentors for your creative interests? Think of the cast of people who influence you, who guide and support you, who animate and offer you incentive.

Spend some time journaling about this topic.  List the people you’ve known and any others who have had a positive impact on your life’s journey. Additionally, list elements from nature and creation including pets and other creatures that lift your spirit or inspire your soul.  You may want to make a collage expressing your “Circle of Sacred Wisdom-Keepers” using copies of personal photos combined with images torn from magazines.

Another creative form of expression to represent your Circle of Sacred Wisdom-Keepres is to create a set of sacred wisdom stones. See the photo at the top of this page by Amy Betrand as an example. Sacred wisdom stones are small glass stones with a picture depicting what or who offers you wisdom or guidance for your spirit/creativity.

How to create your Sacred Wisdom Stones:

Materials:  You’ll need a bag of glass stones (quarter size or larger).  These are available in the floral department of your local craft store and they’re inexpensive.   You’ll also need liquid glue that will dry crystal clear.  Elmer’s glue works fine but it takes a while to dry.  Diamond Glaze or clear Tacky Glue work well for this project, also available at most craft stores.

You’ll also want to choose an acrylic craft paint in your favorite color (metallic gold, bronze, copper, or silver works nicely for this) and a couple of disposable foam brushes.   The paint will be used to color the back of your stone as a finishing step.

Gather images from magazines and copies of photographs of the people, places, animals, things in nature, etc. you want to represent on your stones.  Don’t cut a portion of the image to fit the stone.  This will be done later.  Leave the whole image intact.

Put one drop of glue on the bottom of a glass stone and place it on the selected portion of your image.  Let the glue dry completely.  This may take several hours.  When the glue has dried place the photo or magazine page with the attached stone on a piece of thick cardboard or a cutting board.  Using an Exacto knife trim away the excess image.  Sharp scissors also work well for this step.

Next, when the glue has dried completely and the image has been trimmed away, you’re ready to paint the back of the stone.  Use a small amount of paint (2 coats works best) to cover the back side of the glued image.  Let your stones dry throughly.

You may keep your stones in a glass jar, a fabric pouch, a basket, a box, or other container.  When you find yourself working through a life question or challenge or beginning a creative project…. look through your stones for the wisdom-keeper(s) whose wisdom will most benefit you.  Meditate on their particular wisdom and draw forth courage, compassion, perseverance, and other qualities that you need to work through a given situation.

Journal with your sacred wisdom stones for inspiration.   There’s no limit to how many stones you can make.  This can be an on-going sacred practice for years of enjoyment.

Sacred wisdom comes in many forms.  Embrace the wisdom-keepers of your life and honor them for the blessings they bring.



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