The Apocalypse Will Cure Us Dead

The Apocalypse Will Cure Us Dead November 16, 2014

Your almost-on-time Weekly Apocalypse, in eight points:

  1. The midterm election cured the press of the reporting-on-ebola epidemic.
  2. A not-so-recent social science study went out of date again.
  3. An Italian karaoke-singing nun, after winning the derivative Italian version of The Voice, signed a record deal with Universal and released a debut where she performs covers songs, bringing an official and much anticipated end to the credibility of the popular music industry.
  4. A Catholic online publication is blown away by another edgy and original submission about the world today.
  5. Another philosophy conference on arts and beauty turns out to be just meh.
  6. Pope Francis didn’t do anything this week.
  7. Ill advised tweet goes viral for two minutes and makes it onto cable television for ten seconds and then disappears forever.
  8. At the recent G-20 meeting, Vladimir Putin claimed, “we know eyes constitute a peripheral part of brain,” before leaving early.

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