Fighting Fire With…Water: How Love, Not Anger, Saves The World

Fighting Fire With…Water: How Love, Not Anger, Saves The World October 9, 2018

It’s been a doozy of a week for our world.

I was off line for the weekend, attending my sister’s wedding in Pennsylvania.  When I woke up yesterday morning, back at home in San Francisco, I was inundated by headlines that hurt my heart, by texts from tearful friends, by an emotional exhaustion that’s hard to explain, by a discouragement that’s hard to name.

After a sexual assault victim was given the middle finger by a roomful of white men after she’d found her courage to tell her story, after millions of women saying “MeToo” were dismissed as well, after the president of the country mocked a sexual assault victim and thousands of rally-attenders cheered him on, after a man of questionable (possibly criminal) character was appointed to make the highest rules of the land….

Good God, where do we go from here?

These words came to me in the early morning hours as I cuddled under a blanket with a cup of coffee, silent and still, staring into space, wondering how to answer that question:

Fight fire with fire.

If it’s the political system that has screwed women, use the political system to get justice, to yank power out of the hands of the people who have abused it.  Engage an enraged base and mobilize it to retaliate.

That’s one  strategy.

And while I’m registered to vote and I hope everyone else is too and I hope we all exercise that right as we vote for the people we believe to be the most qualified, capable and upstanding candidates on the November 6th ballot, the reality is that casting a big vote every four years and a smaller vote every two years in between, and feeling grieved and horrified and on the verge of despair the rest of the time, well – that’s no way to live.

My soul says there’s more than that.  My heart says there’s a way to live that transcends that.  And the faith I claim to follow says so, too.

Fight fire with fire.

I researched that phrase as I was writing this morning.  Apparently Shakespeare was the first writer on record to use those words together:

Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;
Threaten the threatener and outface the brow

The phrase became more widely used when American pioneers living on the expansive prairie were threatened with wildfires that swept across the plains and consumed their cattle, crops and homesteads.  The pioneers began to start what they called “backfires.”  When they saw a fire sweeping towards them, the pioneers would race home and set their own posessions on fire, trying to destroy everything flammable, all the wood and hay and fabric, that the bigger fire could use as fuel.

Fight fire with fire.

The phrase has morphed from literal fire-fighting advice to a metaphorical way to combat an opponent.  The dictionary says that the phrase fight fire with fire means “to use the weapons or tactics of one’s enemy or opponent, even if one finds them distasteful.”

Threaten the threatener, as Shakespeare said.

Raise your voice against the one who’s raising their voice at you.

Strike the one who just struck you.

Threat for threat.  Word for word.  Blow for blow.

Fight fire with fire.

I find no hope in that.  I find no freedom in that.  I find no transcendence in that way of thinking and living.

When you fight fire with fire, you burn your own house down just so your enemy can’t have it.  But in the end, you’ve still lost everything.

When you fight fire with fire, you speak and act and think the same way as the opponent whose ugly way of being you decry.

Fight fire with fire.  

It’s destructive, retaliative, futile.  It doesn’t create; it only destroys.  It doesn’t find a way forward; it always ends in a stalemate.  It doesn’t speak peace; it roars in a deafening blaze.  It consumes and is itself consumed.

As followers of Jesus, we’re not called to fight fire with fire.  We’re not called to use our enemies’ tactics, only in the opposite direction.  We’re not called to roar louder, destroy more, or up the world’s anger ante.

We’re called to be wholly different than the evil we encounter.  To transcend the futile fray.  To create a new and better world.  To live the way of Love.

Love whispers when it’s yelled at in anger.

Love forgives when it is wronged.

Love turns the other cheek when it’s struck.

Instead of weaponizing, love waves a white flag in war zones.

When we fight fire with fire, we are no better, and no different, than the ugliness and evil we abhor.

When we use anger to combat anger, we’ll only ever be locked in an endless stalemate.

When we use love?  That’s a different story.

When we use love, we heal instead of destroy. We de-escalate danger instead of fueling it.  We transcend the way of the world instead of grappling with it in the gutter.

Just like taking an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, fighting fire with fire will burn the whole world down.

Jesus’ way is to fight fire with water, defusing anger with mercy, greeting fear with courage, whispering peace in the raging roar.

When we fight fire with water, we quench it.  We overcome it.  We silence it once and forever.

And we offer a lifesaving drink to our parched, thirsty, waiting world.


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  • I agree with you. We must not become like the evil around us. Earth is not our home. We we created for a perfect world and a loving relationship with God. That is why we feel something is wrong inside and outside ourselves. Thank God, he gave us a way out by the death of his son. When this world is completely falling apart, morally and physically, Jesus will return to save us.

  • Chad Lane Hallyburton

    But how does Jesus’ teaching apply to TODAY? Almost all of the Sermon on the Mount was practical advice for living in THIS world.

  • Yes, we must live here and do good. Jesus said we are to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you. He said we are salt and light in a dark world. I know how awful it feels to see the evil in power, but this has happened all through history and millions have suffered for it, Christians and other religious people. We can try to make things better by voting, but if that doesn’t work, then prayer would be the best thing to do. We could go to court against unjust laws, and I think that is good. We can protest peacefully. But in the end, I think we will lose Democracy because of what it says in Revelation. The Beast will force rich and poor to worship their image. You won’t be able to buy or sell unless you agree. The beast is a religious power – those who want to force people to obey their beliefs. We are seeing the beginning of this evil power. State and Religion united.

  • I experienced Christ as the consciousness of the Sun

    Thiswas during a time when I was using a legal substance intermittently
    over the course of a few years. I wrote an ebook about my experiences
    that is free to download in pdf form and the ebook is also available on
    blogger, links are below

    link to my free ebook, “Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ”

    link to the ebook on blogger:


  • The Antagonizer

    Christianity based on a belief races and sexes are interchangeable just demonstrate all that is wrong with Christianity and the West.

    SJW articles like this serve to further undermine social trust and expose the weaknesses in a democracy and dangers of allowing women to adopt the same roles of men.

    The OP is a perfect example of pretending good intentions are more important than results. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    You see, Christianity needs democracy and freedom to thrive. But increasing diversity leads to a decrease in social trust and decrease in freedom and democracy due to increasing ethnic tension and conflict.

    So, invite the world to your doorstep, but expect freedom to proselytize to be taken away once the ethnic tension and conflict reaches a tipping point. Promoting diversity as a strength = promoting the death of Christianity.

    If you want Christianity to grow, oppose globalism and multiculturalism. You can change your belief. You can’t change your race. Race matters.

  • Widuran

    Who is she talking about?

    All the testimonies against Brett kavanaugh were contradicting and were deemed false. People are innocent until proven guilty.

  • NancyM

    Jesus came in grace and truth. If you live by both of these, you have a lot less anxiety, like not listening to false narratives and believing opinions. While it is of great concern when someone may have been sexually assaulted, it is also a great concern to slander innocent people. I believe that is one of the Commandments. Not only did Dr. Ford not have any corroborating evidence, she flat out lied about her fear of flying.

  • Widuran


  • NancyM

    Identity politics hurts my heart. Our culture is really sick. We better start praying to the one true God according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    “A bigoted attacker screamed anti-white statements at a man sitting in a Bronx pizzeria, then punched him in the face and fractured his eye socket, cops said Wednesday.”

  • Fearless Feline

    Only by allowing God’s Spirit to live in us, alive to God and dead to the false self, can we possibly live this way. So many of us Christians are still living for and from ourselves, thus we are tempted to use worldly tactics, like fighting fire with fire. When we are living out of our True Self–our spirit united with God’s and secure in his love and care for us–can we love as Jesus loved with a a peaceful, self-giving love which sometimes involves speaking truth in love and peace to those in power and those who oppress others.

  • David Kralt

    To prevent the commencement of intuitive anger, one should not prevent themselves to appear being bashful if it aids in the long term cross-heirs to destroy resentment.

  • Nimblewill

    I agree. We should love those who tried to destroy a man and his family with absolutely Zero proof and all to gain seats in the HOR. Crucifixion for sure.

  • 2ndbone

    Whilst you speak of love, you hate.

    I have approached the Kavanaugh story from the opposite side, questioning his guilt. At first I was angry, then realized a) I may not be right because the evidence is (objectively speaking) not conclusive either way, b) my conclusion is really only an opinion–of which we are all allowed to have, c) to be angry at the other side is to hate which goes against my faith, and d) to hate the other side is to invalidate their opinion (which has just as much validity as mine).

    My advice to Sarah and to all those who have posted similar hateful opinions on either side, is to live your faith. Love first, then we can recognize that the other side has a point which can and should be understood. But we can only talk and solve the problems of today by realizing everyone who has an opinion different than ours is not an evil monster. Love first. If we hate first, (which is exactly how the author started her blog) then we won’t hear the the other side and a satisfactory resolution has been derailed before the the train leaves the station.

    God bless you.

  • The Antagonizer


    Whites are the only race capable of entertaining such SJW garbage.

    That is why the West is dying. Turning cheeks until there is nothing left to turn.

    Today’s christians are suicidal. The put religion before race. Non-whites are the opposite.

    Keep saving for your next new car.

  • Widuran

    The me too movement never ever speak out for the women destroyed in Islamic countries. I wonder why?

  • Widuran

    With regards Kavanaugh like us all he is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Thelma S. Baughman

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  • Barros Serrano

    Because they’re overwhelmed by all the sexual malfeasance committed by U$A males right here at home

  • Barros Serrano

    And we should revile an entitled spoiled heavy-drinking frat rat who lied under oath to a Congressional committee.

    Get off your high horse. Nobody was crucified, and the notion that you white-right Trumpoids are victims of ANYTHING is a joke.

    Turn off Faux News and get a grip on reality.

  • Barros Serrano

    To what do you refer? The insertion of the Christian Right into the GOP?

  • Barros Serrano

    Your ongoing Nazi screed is vile in the extreme.

    What satisfaction do you get from being an antisocial psychopath? Seriously, I wonder, what’s in it for you?

    What happened to you to twist your mind in this way?

  • Barros Serrano

    You see “identity politics” among non-whites, but do you see it among the christian white-right, where it is rampant?

    It is not non-whites advocating wholesale damage against other groups… it is the white racists doing that.

    And it is your white-right President making sure it happens.

    Me, I used to live in Guatemala, so please explain why it is ok to abuse Guatemalans who come seeking asylum, while pretending to be Christians?

    Y’all got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do…

  • Barros Serrano

    Jesus repudiates your racist crap.

  • Barros Serrano

    The entitled frat rat is guilty of lying under oath.

  • Widuran

    is this the whole drinking thing. This has now to do with the false charges brought against him.

  • Widuran

    Yes like wolf whistling which is far worse then the rapes committed daily by Muslim husbands against muslim wives as instructed by the Quran

    Surah 2:223

    Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.

  • Barros Serrano

    Your partisanship is clouding your reason.

    1. no charges were established as “false”. Most of his accusers were not interviewed by the FBI. That investigation was a Trumpolini-controlled sham.

    2. he lied under oath! That’s the bottom line. That’s what matters. He committed perjury before a Senate Committee.

    Obviously for multiple reasons Kavanaugh must be seen as an individual of low character, a problematic individual who should sit on no court.

  • Widuran

    There is no evidence therefore I go with the traditional idea of innocent until proven guilty. Therefore as he was not proven guilty he is innocent and therefore the charges were false.

    I wonder how many others lie under Oath. That would be interesting.

  • Barros Serrano

    Evidence? Yes, for lying under oath, there is. The statements of his friends contradicted his own denials about his drunken behavior. We all heard him lie.

    How many others lie? That is irrelevant. Kavanaugh lied. We’re only talking about him.

  • Widuran

    It may well be relevant if precedents have been set

  • Barros Serrano

    Really? is there some precedent by which the laws against perjury are abrogated?

    No, he committed perjury, which is a felon. Too bad nobody in the GOP cares about the law when they are the ones violating it.

  • Widuran

    False allegations are also arguably illegal….

  • Barros Serrano

    That is irrelevant to the question of Kavanaugh’s perjury.

    Nobody has brought charges against Ford. After the election perhaps some integrity will return at least to the House, and we’ll see some action on this.

    There is also an ongoing investigation by the 10th Circuit Court into Kavanaugh’s ETHICS.

  • Widuran

    We shall see what happens but as a moral being I say he is innocent until proven guilty of such evil crimes. Trump is right to support an innocent man

  • Barros Serrano

    A mean drunk, abusive of women, who lied under oath. That’s someone a “moral being” should support? And why? I suspect you are just eager for him to create rulings which support white racists and Christofascists.

    And just why could not Garland’s nomination have been brought to the senate for a vote? How does your morality feel about the blatant and unjustified obstructionism practiced by the treasonous GOP in that case? Of what was Garland guilty, please?

  • Widuran

    There is no evidence for the mean drunk, abuser of women so these are all lies until there is evidence to say otherwise. Especially as he has already been tried.

    Why would me as a Brown man support white racists and Christofascists (whatever that is)

    It seems you are another triggered limp wristed liberal who condemns people whose politics they do not like with no evidence of the allegations. Shame on you false accuser! Shame on you!

  • Barros Serrano

    Little boy, if you speak those insults to my face you will be injured. I suggest you adjust your attitude before you do mouth off in front of someone like me, a non-limp-wristed freedom-fighter who is well prepared to deal with verbal abuse from such as you.

    You’re “brown”, lol. Yet a rightist, a fascist. Right. Sure, that makes sense.

    I condemn politics which creates suffering, and that of the GOP certainly qualifies. Yeah and I also hate Nazis and Stalinists, oh what a terrible person I am.

    Shut up, boy.

  • NancyM

    I’ve heard it said there are two movies playing on the same screen here in America. Have a nice day.

  • Barros Serrano

    If you think you can make an equivalence between the behavior of the miscreant fascist GOP and the Democrats, you’re delusional.

    Were or were not those people abused at the border though having committed no crime? Yes, they were. That is fact, not an “alternate reality”.

    Are you pretending that Democrats are spewing the level of vitriole we hear from Trumpolini almost daily? Then you’re hallucinating.

    Now Democratic leaders are receiving mail bombs and you’re still pretending both sides are the problem?

    Wake up.

  • Widuran

    Oh dear you are talking tough on the internet and threatening violence. ROFL you are a keyboard warrior.

    I am asian with brown skin and of course like a limp wristed liberal you cry racist and fascist to anyone who disagrees. You have no arguments and spread your own hatred of those who have different views to you.

    Yes the Nazis and Stalinists were lefties. I am glad you condemn them.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    You do you, but more and more people are giving christianity a wide berth these days. Many reasons, but the adage actions speaks louder than words sums it up nicely. The more Christians keep thinking their beliefs are moral and good, but their actions are the opposite- the more closed off people will become to the belief that teaches that you are a worthless piece of trash unless some guy that may or may not have existed loves you. History repeats the same things over and over, christian kills, tortures and vandalizes people and property, and eventually some will chalk it up to a life lesson they must learn from, or else.

  • Barros Serrano

    No, boy, I am simply pointing out that your cheap insults would be most effectively delivered in person, like a man, rather than online like the snivelling coward you obviously are.

    Oh so you’re Asian, who cares, you want an award? I can think of plenty of Asians who are very good people and others who are scum, so it means nothing to me. One of my best friends is Khmer but she’s not a Christofascist sociopath as you seem to be.

    I hate the Right, because they are lethal. Your political philosophy is responsible for much misery. Mine, the opposite, is responsible for social well-being and greater happiness. If you don’t get this, visit Germany, NZ, France, UK, Canada…

    No, liar, I condone nothing about Nazis or Stalinists. Nazis are ultra-Right like you, liar. Stalinists are some sort of perversion of Marxism which itself is flawed. I am DEMO-SOCIALIST. Can you read? Demo-socialist, like, as I said, the rulings parties in most European nations.

    The leaders who are most compatible with your demented view of the world are such as Trumpolini, Putin, Duterte, Franco, etc. Are you Pinoy, by the way? How do you like Duterte?

  • Widuran

    The Nazis were national socialists ie left. Learn your history.

    All you have is cowardly name calling. You sit triggered behind your computer screen because someone disagrees with you and you type insults because this is all you have. It is rather sad and pathetic.

  • Barros Serrano

    Listen up, facha boy. The Nazis were RIGHT wing and everyone knows that. You are very close to a Nazi, so one would think you’d know that, but then today’s U$A fascists aren’t big on history, are y’all…

    You spew insults online, boy, and are the coward here. That’s why I invite you to come speak to me in person. I know you will stutter and look at your shoes, because your character has been very well revealed in here and found wanting.

    Facha boy, you are a traitor if you’re a U$A citizen, and I’m certain no other country would want you, except perhaps Russia. You’d like their ambient fascism, but of course like U$A Republicans they’re white racists so I don’t know if they’d accept an Asian turncoat.

  • Widuran

    They are National Socialists ie left wing. This is a fact

    Oh dear it seems you are spouting your own bigotry LOL the left are usually the bigots and the prove is here. LOL

  • Barros Serrano

    Condescending punk, the Nazis were/are on the RIGHT. They are FASCISTS. Rightwingers. Duh.

    Oh dear it seems your smartass is confined to online tantrums, because in person you’re silent.

    No, boy, the Left is opposed to bigotry. Except against fascists… we hate fascists, and for good reason. Hating fascists like you is a sign of higher morality, boy.

  • Widuran

    They were national socialists and expanded government so they were socialists. The only one having tantrums and calling names is you.

    The left are bigots

    There are many examples

  • Barros Serrano

    Delusional rightwing hack.

    The GOP is the Party of Racism. Look at their conventions, they’re like a sea of blonde… while the Democratic Convention is like the country: diverse, multi-colored, non-bigoted.

    The Democrats consistently get the vote of non-white groups (except delusional rightwing Cuban gusanos). Are you suggesting that African-Americans are all bigots? Mexicans? Jews?

    YOU are the bigot. You are a shill for the white right. In the university I recall such as you being referred to as “bananas”. I’m sure you get the reference, white-right buttkisser.

  • Widuran

    More lies by you

    Is this guy a bigot too

  • Yes. A religious/political power. Always a disaster.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    People do what they feel is right. its what makes the world go round. The peace, love and light crowd mean well, but they are not realistic. Not everyone will agree with you, and some people will go out of their way to prove how different their views are from yours. Feel free to dispel my opinions on the subject, but i come from a place of my own experience and convictions.

  • guadalupelavaca

    His friends didnt give testimony under oath, therefore not admissible as evidence. You dont know much about the American legal system do you? So sad.

  • guadalupelavaca

    Widuran, that is the way with wimpy male liberals. All talk. I’m a Hispanic female conservative lawyer and liberals cant deal with that. They are the fascists who demand that we walk in step with them.

  • guadalupelavaca

    You’re losing it.

  • guadalupelavaca

    But you dont know Jesus. You never have.

  • Widuran

    Wonderful to hear from you. I bet you ruffle a few liberal feathers! I call them illiberal as they are anything but liberal

  • Widuran

    Yes he has lost it. It is rather embarrassing to read. Bless you!

  • Widuran

    Good post

  • Widuran

    Yes it is clear you do not know Christ Jesus

  • Credy Stevens

    I experienced Jesus as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote an ebook about my experiences that is free to download in pdf form, and the ebook is also available on blogger. Links are below,

    link to my free ebook, “Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ”

    link to the ebook on blogger:


  • Barros Serrano

    Think so? Come spew your verbal hate crimes to my face and see how this liberal reacts. You connedservatives are the cowards, marching with Tiki torches and threatening middle-aged womn in a synagogue… that’s all I’ve seen of your ilk in Cville lately.

    Eres un coco… brown on the outside and white on the inside. Tu traición se nota… y ¿nosotros los fachas? ¿Qué opinas del Gral. Pinochet? ¿del Gral Ríos Montt? You like those guys, dontcha…

    Y ¡cómo amas al dictador anaranjado! ¿verdad?

    ¿vaca? mejor dicho cerda

  • Barros Serrano

    You are a fascist and a nutcase. And Pol Pot was an Asian with brown skin, so what? Are you one of his people, who fled after the Vietnamese sent the Khmer Rouge running? That’s what you sound like. Are you wanted in Cambodia?

    No, boy, racists are common, including in the White House, and I will indeed call them out always. Trumpolini is also a fascist, and if you can’t see that you’re a delusional fascist dupe.

    “lefties” means nothing coming from a facha like you. Nazis were RIGHTWING, not Left. You are very confused, facha boy.

  • Barros Serrano

    You are a fascist, nothing less. You speak about religion as if you’re Opus Dei.

    And your social opinions are vile, racist, fascist, and in the U$A represent treason.

    If you weren’t born here, get out. If you were, get out anyway. Russia might want you. They’re very fascist now, and much to your liking.

  • guadalupelavaca

    Here is one of your kind–vitriolic, unhinged Trump hater. Her name is Shelby Shoup, and she is in jail now.

  • guadalupelavaca

    A victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  • Barros Serrano

    Youtube is full of nutcases of all sorts. Means nothing.

    Your kind commit more meaningful acts:

    1. shooting up the black church in SC
    2. shooting up the Holocaust Museum
    3. shooting up the Pgh synagogue
    4. sending bombs to Democrats
    5. shooting up Planned Parenthood
    6. murdering various abortion doctors
    7. blowing up the OK City Federal Bldg
    8. sputtering racist vitriole from the White House

    Right, y tú… no te preocupa el tratamiento de los centroamericanos a manos de la Administración Trumpolini? Or for Latin American audiences should I call him Trumpochet? Y no te preocupa el abuso del pueblo mexicano…

    Ok let me guess… eres cubana, ¿verdad?

    con los pobres de la tierra
    quiero yo mi suerte echar

    I agree with THAT Cuban.

    Now we are going to see the truth about the gringos in the U$A. The white ones, I mean, I’m not speaking of black gringos.

    Will a majority of them AGAIN vote for Trumpochet despite his VERY obvious misogyny and racism, scapegoating and dictatorial behavior? Are they indeed “deplorables” as Hillary put it, or desgraciados as others might say. I say both until they wake up and find their humanity and stop coddling fascism. And their bigotry… really, what will it take?

    So why are you siding with them? Ok, you’re white, likely… “hispanic” doesn’t equal “non-white”. Well, I’m a “white” gringo and I can figure this stuff out so what is YOUR problem?

  • Widuran

    Yes I was reading the uk leftwing paper the guardian and it goes on about trump lies and broken promises but the reality is they are promises not achieved yet due to democrat blocking

  • Widuran

    You are clearly a hater and a bigot

  • Widuran

    Nazis were National socialist ie leftwing

  • guadalupelavaca

    This happened yesterday by a woman in college.

  • Barros Serrano

    oh yes I’m bigoted against fascists and human rights abusers and so on

    not against any ethnicity, religious group, etc., who is not organized to oppress others

    I am opposed to the violent, misogynist and authoritarian aspects of Christianity and Islam, but I have no prejudice against a person who is one of those religions. They’re just people like the rest of us. Some good, some bad.

    What bothers me about you is your rightwing political and Christian views which are very intolerant.

  • Widuran

    It is you who is proven intolerant from your vile posts hence you are bigoted against people with different views from yourself

  • Barros Serrano

    Are you really this stupid?

    I disagree with someone, so I’m a bigot?

    How tolerant are you of those with whom you disagree? You come off like a very intolerant religious bigot of the sort who is potentially dangerous.

    Yes, I’m intolerant of fascists. Boo hoo.

  • Widuran

    You are the intolerant one using name calling because you disagree with someone. This is why you are a bigot

  • Barros Serrano

    You’re a liar, not surprising since you’re a fascist.

    I post plenty of substance but it is wasted on you white-right ideologues and non-white sycophants.

    Christofascism has rotted your mind.

  • Widuran

    You keep lying

  • Barros Serrano

    Maybe I should continue posting to you, until you’re stark raving mad and running down the street screaming in the night. That would at least relieve these blogs of your chronic bigoted whining.

    But you’re boring me to death.

  • Widuran

    So you admit you have no arguments

  • Barros Serrano

    You are apparently not very bright.

    No, I admit that you are a tedious and tendentious bore with nothing to say.

    Your Christofascism evidently is a reaction to what Sri Lankan Buddhists did… and so really should be discussed with a psychologist, not with people in an online forum.

    Sod off.

  • Widuran

    Oh dear how wrong can you be on so many fronts and so many insults in one post. A sign of a truly triggered individual

  • Barros Serrano

    I’ve yet to see you be right on anything in here. You’re a raving extremist nut with an adolescent petulance. Likely you were abused and now are acting out. You fit the profile. I’ve seen this behabior a lot in school children.

    Who abused you?

  • Widuran

    Oh dear more cowardly insults

    Arguably you are abusing me with your cowardly insults

  • Barros Serrano

    oh quick you better form a Me Too movement for rightwing christofascist nuts who are confronted for their nonsense online.

    when you’re finished crying… call someone

  • Widuran

    Lol you are a very angry limp wristed lefty ain’t you rofl

  • Barros Serrano

    Another brilliant retort! (for an 8-yr-old)

    You do realize that in person by this time I’d be banging your head on the wall, don’t you, little boy?

  • Widuran

    Lol you are a joker comedy classic

  • Widuran

    Lol you are a joker comedy classic

    In person the old wing Chun would come out and Barros will be crying like a female poodle

  • Barros Serrano

    Your adolescent nonsense is amusing, and at least distracts you from posting all your Christofascist misogynist garbage.

    How old are you, 8?

  • Widuran

    The only nonsense comes from you. I respond in kind to threats made by you as proved throughout this exchange.

  • Barros Serrano

    I threatened nobody, middle-school boy.

    You throughout this exchange have been throwing an arrested-adolescent hissy tantrum.

    Maybe if your mommy makes you some tea and biscuits you’ll calm down.

  • Widuran

    You threatened me liar. LOL

  • Barros Serrano

    You’re the liar, little misfit boy.

    And you’re a fascist… so there are indeed cases where you might find yourself engaged in violent struggle against me, as I stand up against fascists. Are you planning on marching with a Tiki torch in Cville any time soon? If so, yeah, you might get attacked by me.

    But that would be considered self-defense. And I know you’re too cowardly to confront anyone, so why don’t you calm down, unknot your panties and rethink your sick mentality.

  • Widuran

    Oh dear now the liar is calling me a liar and with cowardly name calling with a threat of attack too.

    You are a comediene. Please don’t get those knickers in a twist.

  • Barros Serrano

    Oh little coward boy sits online calling names at a Democrat. Coward, go back to Sri Lanka and talk crap to the Buddhists you hate so much. It would be very amusing to see on in the street being stomped. And that is what would happen.

    I’ll back up the Buddhists over any Christofascist ANY time!

    Go back to your country, traitor. Coward.

  • Widuran

    You are showing your racism now. You sound like the KKK.

    LOL KKK boy

  • Barros Serrano

    Now there’s something else you need to come and say to my face, little cowardly halfman.

    But you’re afraid to stand up to Buddhists, so…


    Christofascist… nobody wants you anywhere.

  • Widuran

    I would easily. You still using cowardly name calling from behind the computer screen. How cute

  • Barros Serrano

    You’d be fun to slap around for a while… like a few hours… then I’d get bored and bang your head on the wall a bit…

    But, you’re a coward who’s afraid of Buddhists, a traitor to his country, and a schmuck preaching Christofascism like the twisted little pervert you are, boy.

    Stop talking like a 8th-grader on the playground and say something of substance.

    Hey, boy: BUDDHISTS!!! BOO!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Widuran

    Nah in 5 minutes my very poor wing chun would make you cry like a female poodle.

    I am not afraid of Buddhists. I am not sure why you are posting lies. Probably as you have nothing of note to say.

    Your last two sentences are comedy considering you are the pot calling kettle black. LOL

  • Barros Serrano

    Yes you’re terrified of buddhists so you spew Christofascism online and if challenged go into this arrested-adolescent hissy fit which apparently once it starts is like a runaway train.

    How petulant and pissy you are, boy! Why don’t you go back to Sri Lanka? Nobody wants you anywhere else… Go back to your own country, coward. Go talk crap to a Buddhist, please. And stop wasting space in here.

    WHY do I respond to this juvenile? I must be VERY bored.

  • Widuran

    Oh dear your racism and cowardice and childlike behaviour is showing. ROFL @ you

  • BelleUnruh yes