I’ve Seen Heaven

I’ve Seen Heaven August 4, 2018

This article was previously published on Abby’s page at LDSblogs.com. 


I’ve seen Heaven. And it’s beyond beautiful. No, I didn’t have a near death experience. I was given this brief glimpse in a dream. I firmly believe that God speaks to us in dreams. And this time, He was giving me a vision of hope. Let me explain.


I had been feeling lost for a long time. I wasn’t sure what to do with my life, and I was having struggles in my relationships. My family was really struggling because of some bad decisions my brothers were making. And I needed comfort, and hope. I was newly endowed, and had been going to the Temple weekly with friends. It was the place I felt closest to God. Every time I went, I felt Heaven close by. So I tried to be there as often as I could.


Finding A Haven


In the Washington DC temple, on the 7th and highest floor is the solemn assembly room. I was visiting my parents, and when they go to the temple, they like to do several endowment sessions in a row. But I needed some time alone to think. I was looking for a quiet place away from everyone and began climbing stairs. When I reached the top floor, the Solemn Assembly room doors were open. I was the only one there, so I tiptoed in.


The room was enormous! There were hundreds of chairs set up in preparation for a meeting that would likely happen soon. I remember the room was so clean and beautiful. The chairs were cream colored, the carpet was very thick and beautiful, and the stained glass on the windows threw color around the room. There were huge chandeliers, and a tall podium on either end of the room.


I didn’t stay long, but that floor became my special place. It felt like a sign that it was totally accessible when it normally wouldn’t be, just when I needed a connection to my Heavenly Father.  I often went there to have alone time with my Heavenly Father.  It was my special place where I could pour my heart out in the privacy of the foyer outside the solemn assembly room. I received heavenly guidance and comfort, and a sense of purpose for my life. Soon afterward is when I had the dream.


The Dream


In my dream I was wearing a white dress. I was in the temple. Temple dresses are floor length, and  I remember feeling my skirt brush my ankles. It was a very real dream! I felt the air conditioning and the carpet under my feet. I was waiting for the elevator, and when I stepped inside there was an angel standing there serving as the elevator operator. He was also dressed in white, and smiled at me.


He pressed buttons, and the elevator began moving. When the doors opened, and I was looking at a park. There were gently rolling hills, trees, grass, and flowers. The sun was so bright! And when I looked closer at the landscape I realized that everything had an inner light. It was like each blade of grass was made of crystal lit like a Christmas light. It was the same with the trees and flowers. I was mesmerized!


Just as I was about to step out of the elevator to take in more of this wonderful place, the angel said “Whoops! Wrong floor!” and closed the doors. The next time the doors opened we were at my floor, back inside the Temple. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that I wasn’t allowed to walk in that garden. But like many experiences, I know that one was designed to bring me hope.




After that dream I felt a new sense of purpose. Like somehow what I was doing in the temple was more valid than before, because it was literally connected to Heaven. And I felt like I wouldn’t be so afraid or worried when my time came, because Heaven was such an amazing place.


I also felt like Heaven was more accessible after that dream. I mean, if it was as easy to reach as an elevator ride, then getting there couldn’t be that traumatic or hard. It also made me want to try harder to be the kind of person God wanted me to be. So the next time I found myself on an elevator with an angel, he would be leading me back to my Heavenly Father.


I have often thought of that dream in the years since. It’s a motivator for me to ask myself if I am living the kind of life that would grant me access to that wonderful place. I have shared my experience with loved ones, curious about what Heaven is like. And I miss many loved ones who have passed on. But I am comforted knowing they are surrounded by joy and beauty, and that they are safe and loved.


Find your special place


One day I will be able to join them. And having seen where I am going takes away the worry and fills me with peace. That’s why I wanted to share my glimpse with you. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” He is so right. We are more than we realize. As God’s kids, we are destined for so much more than this earth. So if you are wondering what Heaven is like, you’ll love it. I’ve seen it.


This article was previously published on Abby’s page at LDSblogs.com. 

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