Finding Peace In Life’s Storms

Finding Peace In Life’s Storms January 4, 2022

We have gotten a lot of snow and storms lately. It’s a major change from the last couple of years where we barely had to shovel more than once a winter. My husband has been joking that the Lord is forcing us into a regular exercise routine.

The most recent snowfall followed hours of rain. The heavy, wet snow weighed down some trees till they broke. Then I noticed that some other trees, though equally snowed on, were not bending. These trees stood tall, and the snow slowly slipped off the branches without leaving damage behind.


Life Lesson

A broken tree under heavy snow

It occurred to me that this snowstorm was a life lesson. Clearly, the snow represented stress and difficulty in our lives. And the trees represented different people and how they handle challenges.

We all know people who are greatly stressed by the experiences of life. They are up and down depending on how their day has gone. And life can quickly go from peaceful to a disaster with one small event.


Do storms rattle you?

Then there are others who seem focused on something just beyond the horizon. They are peaceful and unphased by daily challenges. You can count on them to always be working to be better people, who don’t take life too seriously.

I see the first person as the tree that was so weighed down by snow that they broke. And the second person is the tree with the snow sliding off branches reaching for the sky.

Have you ever thought about this kind of thing, and where you fit into the story? Are you letting yourself be forced to ride the winds and whims of life, seasick with the constant change in your circumstances? Or are you finding that as time passes you are more solid? And life has less impact on your mental well-being?


Tips to find peace in storms

Trees standing tall through the storm.

I’ve been in both places- where storms rocked me, and where I felt stable no matter what happened. And I much prefer the stable place where challenges don’t rattle me.

Thinking back, there was a point where I was sick of the roller coaster and made a conscious decision to be steadier.  Here are a few things I did to help make that change.


1. Build up your savings

I don’t know about you, but when life sends a flat tire or car troubles or health issues, being able to pay for them is a huge comfort. So, when I was young, I started saving. I didn’t always have much in the account, but every penny helped. It gave me a lot of peace.


2. Get closer to God

I see this as a lifelong effort. But the closer I can live to the Lord, the better I feel His spirit. And the more I feel His spirit, the more confidence I have in my decisions. I can see more clearly with a Heavenly filter and an eternal perspective.


3. Solidify relationships

This goes hand in hand with getting closer to God. But relationships are important for everyone. They are a source of support in any storm. And often when relationships are dicey, they are a source of stormy weather all by themselves.


4. Address Mental health

We all have moments when our mental health is not what we would like. The pandemic brought that fact front and center for me. Addressing my own mental health brought me a lot of peace. Letting go of what was needed, and facing my own issues made my life much less up and down.


5. Build your Confidence

The final piece of the puzzle in my life was confidence. I have always been a people person, and that often leads to being in front of a crowd. So, I had to find a way to be confident in front of that group or it would become a source of stress.


And in Conclusion

May you find that steady place where you can be the tree that stands tall. Don’t let life’s storms weigh you down. They won’t stop, especially as the Savior’s return gets closer.

For me, remembering that things are supposed to be crappy before He comes helps me keep a healthy perspective. It makes challenges less difficult because I am focused on Him. And staying focused on Him is a guaranteed way to find calm in any storm.

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