In which I am interviewed for a Vlog

In which I am interviewed for a Vlog April 30, 2016

Religion for Breakfast

So recently I was interviewed by Andrew Henry, of the Religion for Breakfast vlog, on the topic of using computer simulations to study religion. In keeping with my tradition of promising to do follow-up posts on important topics and then not getting to it, I thought I’d post the two-part interview here, rather than writing the next article on the “big gods” hypothesis. (Sorry, Mark!) The big gods article is still coming, definitely sometime before the next presidential administration – which hopefully will not be our last one, although honestly, at this point, who knows

Religion for Breakfast is a vlog (video blog) maintained by Boston University PhD student and early-Christianity expert Andrew Henry. Andrew has done real ancient-studies expert stuff, including participating in archeological digs around the Mediterranean and learning ancient Greek. Unlike Andrew, my knowledge of ancient Greek is limited to the point where I can’t even make it through your average poem by T.S. Eliot.* It was a privilege to be interviewed by such a smart dude. Here are the interviews:

PART ONE: Featuring shamanism, computers, and Mormons


PART TWO: Featuring religious violence, Jerusalem, and more shamans



* Eliot was a showoff anyway

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