5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If Casted for The Bachelorette

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If Casted for The Bachelorette June 1, 2016

I haven’t watched Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette but I’ve heard it’s pretty entertaining. After reading so many tweets about guys making fools of themselves, it got me thinking about what not to do if casted on that show. Enjoy!

5 things you shouldn’t do if casted for The Bachelorette:

1) Don’t be a jackass. I really don’t get it. Guys continue to show up each season and act like complete jerks. It’s almost as if they don’t understand this stuff is broadcast across the globe. Your real life and reputation will suffer if you choose to be the villain.  What’s the point?

2) Don’t fight with dudes. So you’re competing with a bunch of other dudes for one girl, there’s bound to be friction right? Maybe. But am I the only one who thinks its a little weird when dudes start to bicker with other dudes? Instead of fighting like little kids, I’d  suggest playing it cool so that you might come across as an adult when the show airs.

3) Don’t confess your love right away. If you feel like you love the girl right away, you don’t. You probably love the idea of being with her (who’s now famous) or the thrill of competing with other guys, but I doubt you actually love her. Hold the “L” word until you actually mean it.

4) Don’t embarrass yourself. This is broad and can take many forms but it’s worth noting. Whether it’s getting hammered on camera, jumping into the pool naked, or telling racist jokes, it’s not going to end well for you. Don’t forget you still have to face the real world when it’s all over.

5) Don’t be that guy. You know the guy- the guy who can’t get along with the other guys and says, “I’m only here for the girl, so I don’t need to be friends with the guys.” That guy never comes off looking good and your time will be miserable if you isolate yourself. You’re on an all-expenses paid trip around the world with a bunch of roommates for 10 weeks- enjoy it and have fun. It’s okay to be friends with the guys who are competing for the same girl. Besides, odds say you probably won’t get the girl anyway, so why make it hard on yourself?

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