Quick Update on Catherine’s Pregnancy

Quick Update on Catherine’s Pregnancy June 2, 2016

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As many of you saw on my Instagram, Catherine went to the hospital Friday night because her feet suddenly swelled and her blood pressure was a little high. Her doctor suggested we come in just as a precaution because sometimes her symptoms are an indicator of preeclampsia- which can create all types of complications for both baby and mother.

But I’m happy to say that after some blood work and a couple of hours at the hospital, Catherine was cleared and sent home to rest. We were both truly grateful for the outpouring of support from everyone on Instagram. Sometimes we forget just how many people care for us and our family and that is the most humbling feeling in the world. It’s so bizarre and awesome to know that complete strangers are praying for us and our baby’s health all over the world. Although we might not be able to tell you all individually, we sincerely thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
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