I’m going to MC a Rhapsody in Red event in Dallas – will you come?

I’m going to MC a Rhapsody in Red event in Dallas – will you come? October 18, 2016

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post about Rhapsody in Red, it’s a gala here in Dallas benefitting Cherish Uganda- a non-profit doing amazing things for children with HIV in Uganda.

I was asked by some friends of mine who are putting on the event to MC and I jumped at the chance to help this fantastic cause. The event itself will be an awesome night of live music, dancing, dinner at the George W. Bush library in Dallas on November 5th. It’s a black tie event that will definitely be one of the highlights of your year if you can attend. Catherine and I will both be there and we hope you will be too! We’d love to meet you.

Click here: rhapsodyinred.org for your tickets. Limited number available so you better do it today!

(1) The average age in Uganda is 15 years old, so it’s a country full of children. HIV certainly playing a major role in that statistic.

(2) The ticket price $125 is equivalent to what it costs us to feed a student at our primary school for a year, purchase their school supplies, and field trips/classroom celebration.  

(3) Over 180,000 children living in Uganda have HIV and many are abandoned or orphaned because they lost their parents to HIV. Over 50% of these kids aren’t on HIV treatment which is vital to live.

(4) Cherish Uganda has 7 family style children’s homes for children with HIV. They take in the kids in the most dire conditions and they live with them for at least 3 years or until they’re 18 years old.

(5) HIV is the number one cause that leads to death for adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa  

(6) People living with HIV are typically discriminated against in this culture. So we view that we are serving some of the ‘least of these’ as Christ called us because these innocent children are marginalized, mistreated, and neglected based off their HIV status

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