Patheos Atheist Writers Mourn the Loss of Niki Massey

Patheos Atheist Writers Mourn the Loss of Niki Massey October 4, 2016


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On Saturday, Niki Massey, a fellow atheist blogger and speaker, passed away in her home. She was 35.

We all know Niki in slightly different ways, some of us having the opportunity to see her vivacity in person and others connecting with her in digital spaces or through her writing, but all of us were inspired by her incisive wit and fierce passion for feminism, social justice, and innumerable other causes. Despite her own struggles with physical and mental ailments, Niki fought to make her unique voice heard, and it is now especially clear in her absence that her voice and her life still ring out true.

To those who knew Niki best and are grieving most of all, including her friends and colleagues at The Orbit, our most sincere and profound sympathies go out to you. We know in our own pain that we felt only the rumblings of who she was; you were at her epicenter.

We too feel the vacuum left and mourn the loss of Niki and what her voice brought to every cause she fought for. The atheist community is that much more diminished by her absence.

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