Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Comes Out in Favor of Abortion

Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Comes Out in Favor of Abortion January 30, 2020

It’s been a weird week in conservative Christendom. We saw pastor Rodney Howard-Browne step up and claim that Jesus Christ would take a whip and “beat the crap out of” former National Security Advisor John Bolton for blowing the whistle on the president. We’ve seen Pastor Howard-Browne before; he was one of those who gathered in the Oval Office for the beautifully awkward photo-op where all the spiritual leaders laid hands on the president in prayer. Howard-Browne’s insistence showed very little understanding of what really angered Jesus. The only time Jesus was ever recorded as resorting to violence was when he turned over tables and snapped a whip at the people in the temple who were trying to take advantage of worshipers by selling them their wares. It seems to me that in the modern scenario, if Jesus would be “whipping the crap out of” anyone, it would be the likes of Pastor Howard-Browne and his ilk for taking advantage of worshipers by selling their political agenda.

But more interesting to me was the bizarre message sent by Trump’s own spiritual advisor, Paula White. Delivering a message from a pulpit on January 20th, White suggested that the people pray that God would cause all the “Satanic pregnancies” to miscarry. That one really raised my eyebrow. First of all, why are all the far right conservative Christians not standing up and demanding that Trump choose a man to be his spiritual advisor? A lot of churches I know would relegate the likes of Paula White to nursery duty, or perhaps let her teach the toddler’s Sunday school class, where she couldn’t do too much damage. But here this woman is giving spiritual counsel to the President of the United States? What heresy is this? Am I right? (big grin).

But let’s look at what she said…

Shouldn’t all conservative Christians be taking to the streets to protest Paula White’s message? Am I missing something or did she just come out in favor of abortion? Sure sounded like it to me. What else would you call it if you pray that God cause miscarriages to certain pregnancies?

People, people…my brothers and sisters on the Christian Right…where is the outrage? This Jezebel that has been allowed into the Oval Office is polluting the planet with her pro-abortion garbage. What kind of president seeks the counsel of such a heretic? That blasphemer should be run out of office, don’t you think? (wink wink)

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