This is Why Progressive Women Don’t Want Progressive Men

This is Why Progressive Women Don’t Want Progressive Men September 30, 2023

Feminists have created a class of men even they don’t want.

Progressive women don’t want progressive men.

What progressive women say they want and what they actually want are two different things.

Case in point. Did you see the recent TikTok video by a progressive woman who said she’s having a hard time finding a traditional man … with progressive values? (Yes, she said that.)

She wants a man who will pay on the first date, open the door for her, and take care and provide for her.

But, she doesn’t want to compromise her morals and values “just to find an man.” She doesn’t want to be “confined to the traditional female homemaker, childbearing role.”

She wants a progressive man who’s traditional. Is that an oxymoron?

Women–progressive or not– want strong men who will take care of them. We want men who are assertive decisive. We want men who will protect us.

2018 study from the University of Iowa found that progressive women really want men who behave traditionally more like men. Women want men who will protect, provide, and commit.

Miss TikTok is lamenting the loss of  manly men.

Feminists have been trying to destroy traditional men for at least the past 50 years. According to them, traditional men are toxic. Now, they’ve engineered a pool of men even they don’t want.

This is one of the problems with modern feminists. They possess a worldview that’s produced a class of men that don’t act like men. They act like, well, women.

Progressive men have progressive ideas about relationships and women. They don’t open doors for women or don’t pay on the first date. They’ll live with you without marrying you. They’ll want you to work to sustain their lifestyle. They will let you take care of and provide for yourself.  Sounds like a keeper.

Progressive women shouldn’t want men who want to open doors, pay on dates, and provide. They’ve told generations of men “we can do it ourselves.” Now they have a whole pool of men who are…well … underwhelming.

And, traditional men don’t want progressive women.

Here’s the bottom line. Miss TikTok wants a man with a godly worldview. She wants a man who acts like a man as God created him to be. Most progressive women aren’t’ stupid enough to say it, especially on TicTok.

She also realizes not many masculine men–if any at all–have progressive values. I believe the women’s movement was necessary and probably long overdue. But somewhere along the way, it took a wrong turn. Women should have the right to vote, equal pay, and equal opportunity. Women are equal to men, but we’re not the same.

Modern feminism encourages women to fight against the oppressive patriarchy and keep men in their place. Modern feminism tells women traditional men are barbaric goofballs.

You don’t have to compromise your values to be a traditional woman because traditional women value the same things traditional men do.

When will feminists admit that hardcore feminism is a bad idea? It’s bad for men. It’s bad for kids, and it’s bad for women. It’s bad for society.

Feminism has produced women who are less happy because we innately desire masculine men. We want to be protected and cared for.

As a traditional woman, I can have my cake and eat it, too. I am “respected in the relationship.” I do “have autonomy.” I’m not in competition with my man. We are on the same team.  I can be feminine and at the same time be a strong, independent-minded woman. Can I take care of myself? Sure, but I don’t want to.

Real men don’t see their wives as a paycheck to sustain their lifestyle. They open doors. They provide. But they are also meek, humble, and kind. They cry, make beds, change diapers, cook, wash clothes, and talk about the way they feel. They just do it in fewer words.

If you want to be a progressive woman, be one. It’s a free country, but as a progressive woman, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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