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As obvious as it is, the Patheos Faith and Family channel is where we write about faith and family. But it's not obvious how exactly to "do faith and family" in the modern multi-faith world, is it? That's where we come in. Some of us are married with kids, while others love single life. We live alone, with roommates, or in all kinds of families. Some of us earn a paycheck, others stay home with the kids and some manage both. We're deeply faithful, religiously apathetic, or somewhere in between. Despite the differences, we all navigate and juggle the current complicated issues of the world.

We're all different, but we're in this together – no matter what faith tradition you or your family is in, we all strive for generosity, courage, and love. So please, ignore the laundry, reheat the coffee from breakfast, and sit for a while. Being in a family is an important job, after all.

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