Self-Promotion Sunday!

Self-Promotion Sunday! November 30, 2014

So, a few years ago I blogged for a short time at Feministe, and they had (and still have) one of my favorite features in the blogosphere: Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday. This is where indie bloggers use the comment thread to post links to awesome stuff they’ve written lately.

I won’t lie: my selfish motivation behind bringing this feature into my own blog is to get a pile of juicy reading materials dumped right onto my desktop. And also for readers to discover cool new blogs they never knew existed! Everyone wins!

So here are the rules:

1. Write a comment containing a link to a post you’ve written along with a short, intriguing description. Don’t just post a link to your whole blog.

2. Only post a link if you’re writing on a small blog with a limited readership. If you’re a mega-blogger, we already know you’re awesome.

3. No racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive stuff, please.

My blog doesn’t have a huge readership at the moment, so I’m not sure this’ll take off, but it’s worth a try! Maybe I’ll get zero links and I’ll cry. Or maybe I’ll get a million and I’ll also cry, except from joy! I’ll try to do this every other week.

Well? POST!


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