Killing Magic, Healing Magic

Killing Magic, Healing Magic December 6, 2014

I can’t possibly hope to keep up with all the incredible media coming out about police brutality and white supremacy, so here are some links that stuck with me: From Brittany Cooper at Salon:

To believe that Michael Brown charged at Darren Wilson in the midst of a hail of gunfire is to believe that black people are monsters, mythical superhuman creatures, who do not understand the physics of bullets, even as they rip through flesh.

From Albert Burneko on Deadspin:

Taken together with the myriad other indignities, thefts, and cruelties it visits upon black and brown people, and the work common white Americans do on its behalf by telling themselves bald fictions of some deep and true America of apple pies, Jesus, and people being neighborly to each other and betrayed by those few and nonrepresentative bad apples with their isolated acts of meanness, the public will demands and enables a whirring and efficient machine that does what it does for the benefit of those who own it. It processes black and brown bodies into white power.

And a curse from the Morrigan, courtesy of Lauren Raine:

You who bring suffering to children:  

        May you look into the sweetest, most open eyes, and howl the loss of your own innocence.

The stories we tell create our reality. It’s up to you to change the story: right now, in any way you can.

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