Conservative Christian America, I Hope It’s Ignorance

Conservative Christian America, I Hope It’s Ignorance September 26, 2019

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Conservative Christian America, just stop.


Do you have even a spec of empathy within the place where your soul should be? Can you really watch ICE rip children from the arms of their parents and be even a little okay with it? Are you truly cool with deporting your literal neighbors, sending them to their certain death? Seriously, what is going on in your mind?

Maybe you are just ignorant. Maybe you don’t know how incredibly horrible the policies you support truly are. Maybe if you opened your eyes you would see that the manner in which our nation behaves is bat-shit-crazy in its level of dehumanization.

Maybe you just need to see with your own eyes how our border patrol torment children and families who cross the southern border (in a manner you don’t approve of) in search of a better life. Maybe you need to visit one of the private, for-profit, prisons that hold torn apart families in cold cells for the simple crime of pursuing a future for their children.

Honestly, I sincerely hope you are just ignorant because the alternative is even scarier.

There are a lot of y’all – conservative Christian Americans – and the idea that millions of you don’t believe that people should be treated with the most basic level of humanity is rise-of-Nazi-Germany terrifying.

I don’t know if you know this, but Jesus was actually very much like the children you are tearing from the arms of their parents. Yeah, your Jesus.

I know the common notion in the US is that Jesus is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, NRA card carrying, conservative Christian, Trump advisor – but that’s actually a thousand percent not reality of the guy you call your savior.

Straight up. Jesus wasn’t even white. Yeah, I’ve seen Passion of the Christ too, it’s not accurate.

Jesus was a brown refugee from the Middle East- shocking, I know.

When he was a little guy, Jesus and his Middle Eastern parents fled to a foreign country seeking refuge from the very real threat of violence, kind of like how many are trying to flee to the US to also seek refuge from the very real threat of violence. It’s almost like there is a similar goal of fleeing violence going on here.

Could you imagine that scene playing out here in the US?

Like how do you think we’d receive Jesus?

“Excuse me, how dare you try and enter this great Christian nation without proper papers that you couldn’t get even if you tried! I don’t care if your little child will die if you return. Sorry, we are going to have to take you to a privately-owned detention center where millionaires are profiting off the American tax payer’s dollars to rip your family apart and imprison you for no reason. Welcome to America where your baby Jesus is about to be stolen from your arms, locked in a cage, and then probably adopted out to a random white family.”

Seriously, this is the world we have created.

I mean, are you really okay with this? Are you really good with having lost your entire soul?

I hope not.

I hope you are ignorant because if you are, there is a chance you could wake up from your fabricated reality and realize that you are killing people with your policies of dehumanization.

People are dying here.

Children are dying.

Stop this progressing genocide.

Don’t be that guy that didn’t realize that Hitler’s policy was evil until millions were already burning.

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