Things Keeping Us Going: Easter Monday Edition

Things Keeping Us Going: Easter Monday Edition April 5, 2021

HOPE is keeping me going this week, and, man, have I had some tangible signs this week:

Baseball. I am a wee bit baseball obsessed. I love tee ball. I love Little League. I loved when my children played high school ball. I love that I can watch the college baseball team play from my classroom on campus. Most of all, though, I love the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park is my happy place. When my children were little, I actually taught my daughter how to play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” “God Bless America,” and “CHARGE!!” on the keyboard she used for piano lessons so she could pretend to be the ballpark organist when we watched games at home. The Red Sox home opener is always a good day. This opening day, the ceremonies were glorious. It was a gorgeous day. I got to spend my lunch break sitting on the bank of the Charles River (…I love that dirty water…. ) listening on the radio. My team is playing worse than terribly, and I do not care. There are fans back in the stands at Fenway and baseball is back.

Daffodils. I’ve mentioned before that I plant bulbs every year as an act of faith. My daffodils began blooming yesterday. First the mini daffodils bloomed. Now there are rows of big, yellow blossoms everywhere. My son came in from work, announcing, “Hey, Mom, your daffodils are blooming!” My faith has been rewarded beyond my wildest wishes. I’m just delighted.

Nana Stuff. I have made a career out of helping tiny people get off to a good start. A child having an “Aha!” moment never ever gets old for me. Watching my grandson figuring out the world, though, is just incredible. Nana Stuff is the Best Stuff.


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