Things Keeping Us Going: There’s A Cow in the Yard Edition

Things Keeping Us Going: There’s A Cow in the Yard Edition November 8, 2021


It’s Monday again. I have been hearing from many of you that you are weary with <waves hands around aimlessly> all of this. So, I thought today you would enjoy a completely ridiculous, yet true story:

Late last week, two grubby looking guys in a truck were driving around and around my daughter’s decidely residential neighborhood. Turns out, they were farm hands looking for their bull (let’s call him Phil, shall we) who had got out of the paddock at their farm. It ALSO turns out that Phil somehow found his way into my daughter’s and son-in-law’s backyard.

Since birth, my toddler grandson has had a thing for cows. So, you can imagine that he was tickled by the whole affair. The farmhands were less delighted.

Anyhow, the two guys call the farmer, who was searching in the next neighborhood over. Now there are three grumpy old men and one bull in the yard. They were at a standoff. The farmer was yelling. The farmhands were pacing around. Phil was having none of it.  He ran off into the woods and wetlands behind the house. Out there, a person can hardly walk, let alone get a livestock trailer back there.

Phil won this round.

The next morning, figuring the coast was clear, Phil ambled out of the woods back into the yard. He plopped down on the grass behind the garage and rested. My son-in-law ran up to the farm supply store and got Phil some feed. Then he tracked down the farmers. Phil was convinced to get on the trailer, and they all drove back to the farm.

Getting the play-by-play texts (complete with photos ) got me through a very long week. What ridiculous stories are keeping you going?

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