Theology of the Body reading recommendations?

Theology of the Body reading recommendations? June 6, 2013

A reader writes:

 I’ve got a Catholic friend who is sorely in need of some good reading materials on the main concepts in Theology of the Body. She buys into very secular views of contraception, abortion, marriage, and sex in general, and has admitted a total lack of education regarding the Catholic teaching on the subjects, as well as a (reluctant) interest in obtaining said education.

I’m looking for something that’s intelligent, readable, down to earth, doesn’t assume that you already agree with the Church teaching, and hits all the main points without an angry polemical vibe. I checked out some stuff by Christopher West, but didn’t like it too much.
Any suggestions, smarties?  If you have something to recommend, it would be very helpful if you could say a few things about why you liked it, or what kind of audience it would be appropriate for.

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  • Martha Oram

    Where did the comments for this go?? I book marked it for all the great suggestions!

    • simchafisher

      I know, I know. The post was from my old blog, before I moved to Patheos. The posts got imported, but the comments did not survive the move. I still have archives, though, so I will do a future post with all the recommendations, plus the ones people made on Facebook. T hanks for the reminder!