At the Register: Why I Love Having Teenagers

At the Register: Why I Love Having Teenagers October 29, 2013

Aw, I just scratched the surface.  Maybe I will write a follow-up.  I really do love having teens.

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  • richard

    Generation gap issues?

  • anna lisa

    Yeah, I think you did just scratch the surface, but you’re in a tricky spot. If you bag on your kids a little it could get back to them. Even glowing praise could irk their teenaged sensibilities. My kids on the other hand know that I like to comment on Catholic blogs, but they think it’s so absurd that I would waste my time like that, that they don’t bother to peek and spy on what I might be saying about them. It does keep me in check a little that I mostly use my own name. Using my *last* name would force me to behave myself entirely. Speaking of *behaving*–I do have one small confession: I kinda miss “Big and Angry”–vintage Simcha, before the morality police stepped in and told on you to the management…

    • simchafisher

      Aw, that wasn’t it. The only change I made was I promised never to mention Michael Voris again, because nobody needs to spend the next three weeks battling flying monkeys. I think you are forgetting that I was pregnant and post-partum for a good long time. Now I have an almost two-year-old, I sleep most nights, and I can drink as much as I want, so I’m just calmer all around. Still big, though.

      • simchafisher

        You’re right about teens and privacy, though.

      • anna lisa

        I can honestly say that you wear sleep and winelessness superbly. Haha, I can think of one way to fix that.
        I remember complaining to a priest once that I was in an impossible position–my husband prefers me when I’m not trying so hard to be good. His weakness is that he’s a thrill seeker (as is anybody these days with a large family)–knowing there’s a possibility of stepping on a land mine is preferable to him than a mild mannered wife in suburbia.

        And I saw you five months pregnant on your brother’s motorcycle–that’s *not* big.