Songs on butts, evebody knows one!

Songs on butts, evebody knows one! February 24, 2014

Songs on butts, every garden grows one! Oh, Neil Diamond, you always come back to me at just the right times.

Yes, so, speaking of sweaty music, a student at Oklahoma Christian University has transcribed the music that was written on the butt of someone in Hell, which is why you need to stop making fun of people who major in art history.

Here is the butt:

And here is the larger picture by Hieronymous Bosch (“The Garden of Earthly Delights”) which includes  many things equally as strange as music written on somebody’s butt in Hell:

PIC Garden of Earthly Delights

And here is how the music sounds when hastily transcribed by someone who didn’t expect everyone on the internet to be listening to it, despite the fact that, duh, it’s butt music from hell:

And here is someone who of course went ahead and arranged that hell butt music for choir, and posted it on his website which has some kind of yellow pony/fox creature for a cursor.

In conclusion, YES, I get paid for this kind of thing.


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  • BadMF
  • I was a little afraid to click on this post – my daughter is thrilled I got over my fear. 🙂

  • Marilyn Prever

    …but shouldn’t this be played on a sackbut? ~Abba

    • simchafisher

      I think this may be the first time you’ve ever commented on my blog. A worthy debut.

      • Marilyn Prever

        Well, I think my comment was equal in dignity to your blog. ~Abba

  • 2RC2

    I was so sure that song was going to turn out to be “We rise again from ashes, to create ourselves anew….”

    • simchafisher

      No no, you’re confusing where the song is recorded with whence the song arose.

  • jen

    This was actually the answer to the “stump the listener” contest on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” this week…

  • “In conclusion, YES, I get paid for this kind of thing.” — And that is why you are one of my writing idols.

  • Kelly Flaherty

    Thank you for your humor. I was reading from the November 2013 issue of the Catholic Digest today and reread your article ‘We have one Job.” Just like the above, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. May God continue to bless you abundantly and may you always be ‘close enough’ to being His ‘faithful enough servant.’