Thank you / Don’t you dare

Thank you / Don’t you dare April 8, 2014


About 24 hours after I first posted about Robin’s GoFundMe campaign, she is fully funded. She can now get started buying supplies and equipment to make and sell lovely, lovely goat milk soap to support her family. This is amazing. This is wonderful. And I don’t mean to sound smug, but this is utterly predictable, because I knew you guys were this generous! People have been donating, sharing, and offering prayers and encouragement for Robin nonstop. So, so great.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping my friend.

Robin is over the moon, and can’t wait to start ordering supplies. She has been working on setting up her kitchen and figuring out where everything will go.  Now would n’t it be nice if she had a little more wiggle room while she’s getting started? The $3,000 is for supplies and equipment. Anything over and above that amount will go to food, rent, and utility bills, which are still constant worries for Robin and her family.

So, I may have accidentally announced last night that, if Robin’s fund reaches $4,000, I will post a video of myself singing “Let It Go” from Frozen.  People seemed kinda enthusiastic about the idea, so I went ahead and listened to “Let It Go” for the first time, because I’ve been wrapped in a miraculous hermetically sealed cocoon of Let It Go Unawareness so far.

And you know what? FINE, I’ll sing it. It’s a stupid song, and has too many notes, but I suppose you all have to work your time off purgatory somehow.

So if you haven’t donated, please consider it! If you haven’t shared Robin’s page on Facebook or Twitter or what have you, please share! If you, for some penitential reason, want to hear and see me singing this sucky little song which is exactly the kind of music I hate the most and am entirely unsuited to perform, then spread the word! We can do this (don’t you dare).

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My 7 year old will sing it for you, if you like. Where can I order soap from Robyn? The lady who used to make soap here no longer does and I’m out of my goat milk soap.

  • Sherry

    My daughters will warble along with you, with full joy. I don’t get worked up about it because you know, you just have to Let it go…let it go……

  • Robin has raised her GoFundMe limit to $5000 to cover a house payment.

    I still think Frozen is about autism, not homosexuality.

  • You’re selling yourself short. I’m sure that video is worth at least 2 grand! haha

  • Dan F.

    It’s getting close to that $4000 mark! ——->

  • CathyLouise

    I hardly ever respond, but…this…

    Think of it as a challenge, Simcha.

  • She hit $4000 this morning.

  • Mrshopey

    I have never heard the song and am listening to it right now. You can not hurt that song, btw. I would not have cast her for that song.
    I am like you, her soaps are pretty enough (divinity?) to eat.
    I hope she does well.

  • Kim Whelan

    Gave a small gift and shared on FB.