32 authors and one banana

32 authors and one banana April 30, 2014

. . . read excerpts from Jen Fulwiler’s new book. I fought through my horrible Skype connection and provided a few seconds (no, I am not the banana one):

You have to watch this, if only to see Dwija mostly unruffled by a wandering lion. And of course Bonnie just had to let it go.  I’m delighted to be in such august company, delighted to see that Hallie Lord’s husband Dan is secure enough in his masculinity to wear what is surely a vest conceived in Hell. Never mind a hate site, I have a new goal: I want to someday write something that will cause Patrick Madrid to rear back in his seat and feign disgust. Jen has arrived!

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  • Anna

    It’s all very well, all these lions and banana suits and vests and swords, but I see that all isn’t enough to get it banned from YouTube like the “Style, Sex, and Substance” video was.

  • “Unruffled”. Yes, that’s what we’ll call it… 🙂

    • Brian Sullivan


  • richard

    Now I am able to see faces of all these writers.

  • Laura Colon

    Loved seeing the face of all the bloggers whose blogs I read! My four year old like the banana the best.

  • Brian Sullivan

    I think there’s more than one banana in the video… 🙂