At the Register: The Culture of Blechh

At the Register: The Culture of Blechh August 19, 2014

What kind of person responds to someone’s joy with an agenda? I don’t even care if you’re right or wrong: that’s dehumanizing (and last I heard, most people on both ends of the political spectrum are generally opposed to dehumanization). You’ve heard of the Culture of Death, which teaches people to sneer in disgust at the good, the true, and the beautiful. What we have here is its sad sack cousin, the Culture of Blechh, which teaches people to turn every occasion, whether happy or sad, into a basin to catch the Very Important Message they perpetually disgorge. 

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  • anna lisa

    Still laughing, –and as I was laughing about your verbal prowess at the breakfast table, I overheard my five year old insulting her 8 y.o. brother:
    “You’re a pretty princess that married a girl!” she sneered. (She was getting back at him for shoving her when she reminded me he hadn’t done his workbook.)
    The 10 y.o.’s face lit up, and he happily declared, “That means you’re a lesbian!”
    To *this* and to your agenda driven com box warrior, I can only sigh and gird my loins for the formidable job of raising normal kids in a crazy world.

  • Rachel

    Congratulations and thank you for mentioning that all sides do this. The most annoying and cringing thing I see is that when there is a terrible tragedy (9/11, the Malaysian airline crashes, the Iraq war, homelessness, school shootings, etc) inevitably one-note pro-lifers will chime in and say that the tragedy in question is not nearly as bad as the millions of babies murdered. I believe these types of comments are callous. These are not times to tout agendas, all that does is make the person look like a jackass.

  • elizacoop

    You are so right. There is a “derangement syndrome” on all sides of all debates now.

    Congratulations on your expectation.

  • irena mangone

    Enjoy your babies there will always be grumpy old people who are probably jealous