Yes, your kids can pack their own lunches. BUT . . .

Yes, your kids can pack their own lunches. BUT . . . September 12, 2014

You really do want to check them before they leave the house.  Not that there is anything wrong with an actually quite balanced and hearty meal consisting of ham, carrots, apple sauce, an apple, yogurt, and …


photo (55)


bread-and-butter balls. “It’s just something I invented,” the kindergartner mentions casually.

And then we have this meal prepared by the third grader:


photo (56)



who is willing to face the day knowing she has peanuts, two cold waffles, and a bag of tuna lurking in her cubby. Yeah, I checked her bag before she left. I added some green peppers and kissed her goodbye.  Because we all know that sometimes all it takes to make a day go bad is the wrong kind of lunch:


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  • ZOMG!!!! She’s taking nuts to school. You’re a horrible parent!!!!1!

  • MeanLizzie

    I’m really impressed. My kids would never have figured that stuff out.

  • Nutella sandwiches and lollipops often make it into the lunch box if I’m not looking.

  • TheReluctantWidow

    Well, that is actually quite good. Your kindergartener packed their own lunch? My 4th graders think it’s a task way above their skill level. (I have three in 4th grade. My 7th grader is very self-sufficient so there is hope.) They can’t fix their own breakfast either.

  • irena mangone

    Not allowed nuts in schools in Australia. As some children are allergic

  • Em

    LOVING the Totoro lunch bag.

  • RestWeary

    Mine are all capable,but I still dot most of the time because they would take only junk or they would take pudding or whatever special item I have for the week and eat if everyday til gone. Then the tears and whining would begin that someone at all of the pudding! I want them to do this on their own but don’t know how to end up with this problem.